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Doris. My.great.uncle.died last week. He had quite a medley

Customer Question

My.great.uncle.died last week.
He had quite a medley of
Although u are not in NJ..
Are u interested in helping asap..
I.can take pic..and send..and then hopefully you provide the process if one exists.
Thank you..Stephanie ODonnell..
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Doris replied 2 years ago.
Welcome. Thank you for requesting me.
Unfortunately, I do not feel I am the best professional to assess your watches. I can do your artwork and other types of articles and antiques but not your watches.
Would you like to send a photo of one of your other type pieces for me to assess or do you want me to release your question about the watches so that other pros can have a chance to answer it?
Kind regards,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank u...I was actually trying to get an analysis on some of the crystal..unique pieces...etc...but to be perfectly honest..over tirex..not focused.
My uncle is..was the most unbelievable..father like figure..etc..
Plus an absolute genius.
And what I was able to.grab..was literally being thrown out by his kids..
Our family owns a
AND believe it or not..he.created.15 patents..with the first one being glow sticks..Yup..which we sold to.China called.Omni Glow..
Unfortunately..he was worth more..bette of dead to kids..than alive..
And he knew it..his collection...varied from all.over the world...tremendous amount from China..along with various artists..such as Picasso..Remembrant..
Were promised to me..per say.
The attorney meeting was scheduled for this Friday...So yes.I will get a ? Percentage of the my special needs brother will get a trust fund set up..
But 13 hours..they grabbed all famous his own personal artwork..He was well acclaimed.
If u facebook me.Stephanie ODonnell.. his personal pieces...etc.
Which in NY second were gobbled up by kids...huge furniture thrown out?...his worst fear came true..
And brother and I were 3 hours away...I.had hired 24 hour staff to help keep.Jim..happy and safe.
So for the first time in 3 every stage of elder got him sober.
Staff fell threw..laps in coverage..
So I go with excitement Mike and I were enroute....yet I know for a fact he died of a broken heart and pain.and anxiery.bc my.staff per say..did not show..and adminster proper meds.Sorry to babble..Incredible man..He is named after former.Secretary of Labor ***** *****..a family member aka Cousin..and Gone with the Wind Star..Robert Mitchum..was another cousin..
So a legacy has passed..and.he was my best high paying job per it kills me..that I know have to liquidate his stuff...until I.figure out next stage.of life..Hope makes sense. clarify...each estimate is 5 dollars..
Or I.should probably buy packet..
For example..may I more.
Not a.hustle....just wondering..
Bc.ALL course..the watches.went thru.and I know that is a specific market....along with huge boxes of stamps worth of ???
Thanks for reading..Stephanie
Expert:  Doris replied 2 years ago.
It sounds as if you are overwhelmed. This often happens when an executor or relative is asked to handle an estate especially a collector's estate.
Try to step back and take things slowly. Just lumping things together and selling them as a group means you miss the most valuable items,
For example, - a box of stamps - if he were a collector, thee will be a few very valuable stamps in that box. Do not sell the whole box without having a stamp specialist look a the collection.
I know what I am talking about. I was overwhelmed with collections when an executor of an estate and I let a lot of thing just go because I just did not take the time to find experts to sift through things and find the most valuable pieces. The task seemed enormous and it was.
Tell me where the estate items are and I will try to find you some help. I need to be away from my computer for the next three hours but when I get back, I will work with you to get you some help.
Been there.
Kind regards,