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Robert S.
Robert S., Antiques and Collectibles Researcher
Category: Antiques
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Experience:  Expert in decorative arts especially ceramics, silver, paintings, and furniture.
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Robert - Found Bonn Vase in my attic and hope you can help. thank you *****

Customer Question

Hello Robert - Found Bonn Vase in my attic and hope you can help. thank you ***** bowie
Please send your email adn I'll forward you a picture.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Robert S. replied 2 years ago.
Hi! This is Robert here. Thanks for requesting me I'd be happy to help with your Bonn vase.How tall is it?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
it is 12 " - - Did you get my email pictures ??
Expert:  Robert S. replied 2 years ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** got the photos, and thanks for the size measurement, that helps a lot.The mark shows that this is indeed an example from the Poppelsdorf or Royal Bonn (as this factory is often known as) aka F.A Mehlem factory. This version of the mark, with Royal above and 'Bonn' underneath the crest and the word "GERMANY" was used from about 1890 - 1920. Royal Bonn was an art pottery that was proud of its output, and rightly so, as the owners, the Mehlem brothers, and the artists they took into their 'stable' produced some very innovative and decorative Art Nouveau pottery at that time, and this one is no exception.The shape is a traditional one with rococo relief molding and c-scroll flourishes to the handles, but the polychrome design is pure Art Nouveau, a bouquet of poppies and ocher and crimson shadows in the main panel and framed and accentuated by a cobalt blue blush top and bottom all of which places the actual date of this piece in the first decade of the 20th century when this style and subject was in vogue. So your vase is well over a hundred years old, and from that period of Royal Bonn's output when artistic creativity was at its finest. Franz Anton Mehlem was the father of the two founders, Paul and Everard Mehlem and he was long gone by the time your vase was made. Those rather indistinct initials "F.A.M" in the monogram under the crown are father Franz Anton. The factory was located at Poppelsdorf/Bonn in Westphalia in a location, the Saar Valley, perfectly suited pottery as there was a plentiful supply of both clay and coal to fire the kilns. Unfortunately they were forever in the shadow of the behemoth of Villeroy & Boch nearby, with whom they were in direct competition. V&B eventually took them over in the early 1920s.The Mehlem brothers production began in 1840 out of the remains of a much older factory that had existed from the eighteenth century. This was sponsored by the local ruler, prince elector Clemens August von Köln (of Cologne). It was because of this former connection with royalty that the word "Royal" was added to the backstamp in the year 1890. This was a stretch, because royal patronage had ceased over a hundred years before, but no doubt an excellent marketing ploy . The name stuck, however, and these days this factory seems to be referred to more often as Royal Bonn than "F.A.Mehlem". These pieces have a steady following of collectors. If you saw yours in an antique store it would have a retail price of about $450. This is also the replacement value for insurance purposes.Expect to get in the range of 30% - 40% of this if you were to sell on line (eBay/Amazon/Etsy, etc).I do hope this helps!Thanks so much me about it.Best wishes,Robert