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I have a 22cm statue of a women holding a water pitcher, she

Customer Question

I have a 22cm statue of a women holding a water pitcher, she has a high waisted cream dress, her sleeves are gathered at the elbow, hair is tied in a loose knot.
numbers on the base are 9156 and mark above the numbers looks like a stamp very hard to tell, and also, a number 51 separate from the other. I think the medium is some sort of pottery, not heavy.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Nora replied 2 years ago.
Hi There~ My name is ***** ***** I am here to help with your question. At your convenience, please send photos. A full image with the design and a clear, in-focus close-up of the mark would be ideal. When taking a clear close-up try using the macro function on your camera. It looks like a small flower icon. This will allow sharper focus at a closer-range. When evaluating an item, photos are essential to helping me come to a correct assessment. There may be an +Add Files button or if there is a toolbar with a paperclip icon showing above the box where you type in responses, then follow the steps on this link for sharing photos: I look forward to seeing the images. If you are unable to send photos right away, that is fine – there is not a time limit here. Sincerely,Nora
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Dear Nora,
As an elderly couple, my wife and I are relatively illiterate regarding computer use. Sending photographs with a modern camera is beyond us just yet. However, our daughter, who lives in Sydney, would be able to assist, in time and when she may visit! Otherwise, I can take photos with my perfectly capable Zeiss Contaflex, have the negatives printed, and send you the positive films. I just need your name and address to whom I can send them. What do you think?
Yours truly, ***** ***** Huck
Expert:  Nora replied 2 years ago.
Hi There, I can wait as long as needed for digital images. Experts here are not employees of and we are located around the world. There is not a physical mailing address nor are we permitted to share personal contact info. Sincerely,Nora
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Dear Nora,
It may seem strange to you, but I feel like someone entering a forest on a dull day with no compass. The internet, web is probably a more accurate term, is fraught with danger; the technology, protocol, rules and alarm bells that ring nearly every day frighten even the most sophisticated of horses, and I am no sophisticate. I am an old man whose wife wishes to know the approximate value of an old figurine.
My wife and I have been watching the Antiques Roadshow of the BBC of course, as we have inherited some old 'things' ourselves. We have been amazed at the values of many 'Collector' items. Values are quite unpredictable, as you will know. As a person no more nor less interested in art, I have viewed Jackson Pollock's 'Blue Poles' in Canberra several times, for example, and fail to fully understand its original, never mind current 'value'.
However, I am still trying to cope with the old world that is rapidly disappearing, so please forgive my ignorance. I can only say my daughter, who works in Sydney, is computer literate, and when she has time from a busy schedule teaching Children with Special Needs, she will visit us, and hopefully take some photos of our figurine for your perusal.
We have, no doubt, been somewhat premature with our request, so I can only say, in time we will forward the photos. Thank you for your interest.
Expert:  Nora replied 2 years ago.
Hi, I understand your situation and I am fine to wait as long as you need for photos to be taken and sent. In the meantime, you may receive auto-response emails and messages from the company asking you to rate the question and what-not. Please disregard those. Your question will remain open and you can send me the photos anytime. Sincerely, Nora