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Diana F.
Diana F., Antiques Appraiser
Category: Antiques
Satisfied Customers: 8068
Experience:  Bachelor of Arts Degree (summa cum laude); 10+ years exp.
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Customer Question

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Diana F. replied 2 years ago.
Hi and thanks for choosing us.

My name is ***** ***** I'd like to see if I can help.
Can you tell me what size they are and do you have any photos of them?
When you're able, here's a few different methods of how can send photos:
If your message box has a blue box that says "attach file" you can use that to upload photos
Here's another way that works really well:
Go to
1. Click "Computer".
2. Double click the image you want to upload.
3. Click "Start Upload".
4. When the image appears on your screen, just copy the link from that page and paste it on this page.
If those don't work you can email them.
Email the pictures to***@******.***
They have to be sent from the same email address that you used to sign up Answer (which is usually the email address you use to Log In). It has to be the same email address or JA won't recognize it and they'll just delete them.
Make sure you tell them that you've tried everything and that you're trying to get pictures to me (DianaF) in antiques and give them your screen (customer) name and your real name.
That should do it.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
2 of the pictures are 3feet by6inches long and 1foot by 6 inches wide the other one is 2 ft by2 inches long and 4 feet by 5 inches wide i am trying to get these pictures of the antique to Diana F antiques,appraiser my real name is ***** ***** my e mail is***@******.*** i hope that youget them if not let me know and i will try again
Expert:  Diana F. replied 2 years ago.
Hi.I got 2 of your pictures. Thank you so much You mentioned having 3 rubbings Do all 3 look more or less identical? If not, do you have a picture of the third one that you can upload? ~Diana
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i have tried all morning can not get the thired one to send sorry i will try to get may son over later to send it linda
Expert:  Diana F. replied 2 years ago.
It looks whatever you did worked and I have all three. If you'll give some time to look all of them over I'll see what I can put together for you. If I have any questions, I'll let you know. ~Diana
Expert:  Diana F. replied 2 years ago.
Hi Linda. Thank you again for all the pictures. I really appreciate you taking the time to send them. Rubbings for the most part date back to the 13th century and many of those come out of England. They were originally pulled from stone, put today most come from brass plates that replicate the old carvings. From what I can tell of the images, they all depict carvings from Angkor Wat (a temple in Cambodia). These temple rubbings were very popular from the midcentury into the later part of the 20th century. What's interesting is that even though they were bought around the 70s they were likely made earlier. The government actually banned tourists from taking temple rubbings in the 60s. So many were actually made a few decades before they were sold. Your first pair are called a temple rubbing, but they're actually made a bit differently. They're made with handmade rice paper that's been dyed black. For these, wet rice paper is affixed to the stone carvings of the temple and then left to dry. Then they're taken off and handpainted gold by local artists. They're different the more typical charcoal rubbings you find.They depict Apsara figures, which are female cloud and water spirits. Overall, there are about 1800 found throughout Angkor Wat. Given the size and style, these 2 should be worth about $350 to $400 for each one. Your larger piece is more of your traditional temple rubbings. It's made from holding the paper to the carvings and going over it with a charcoal stick. It's not hard process but it can be tricky with very detailed carvings. It depicts King Suryavarman, the builder of Angkor Wat.Given the size and condition it should be worth about $700 to $1000. Getting that price will depend heavily on where you sell them. Ebay is generally bad for art like this. Between nervous buyers and sellers that give it away the market as been so hurt that even authentic rubbings tend to bring about half what they're worth..Etsy is turning out to be a great alternative to Ebay. Rubylane, Tias, and Cyberattic are great online stores, but they generally have a store "setup" fee, so unless you have a lot of items to list, it may be a bit too pricey, but they do get the "higher" paying customers.., GoAntiques and Artfire are great up and coming sites as well..You might check out the consignment cost with any local antique shops, especially if you have any higher end shops near you. Some places charge about 25% to 30% of final sell price, but in dealing local you generally have less competition. It's always worth checking out..Ebay is more or less a last resort. It does reach a lot of people, but the values tend to be lower. You will always get a higher value by selling it yourself as opposed to an auction or selling it to a dealer. If you do decide to try Ebay, consider using reserves..Personally, I would start someplace like Rubylane or Etsy before expanding out and trying other venues..That should give you quite a few options, but if you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask..I hope this has been helpful to you. I do my best to offer you the most current values and information using the latest guides and recorded sales.Please keep in mind I am only credited for my answer if you rate me positively. If you feel the need to use a lower rating which adds a negative mark to my profile or if you have any further questions about your item please feel free to reply to me and tell me what else I can do for you..When you get the survey in email please consider filling it out. These ratings should be based on my professionalism and courteousness to the customer. I am not responsible for any issues with the site or any values that are not as high as expected. I cannot control either one. Thank you so much!If you would like to use me on any further questions. Requesting me expires in just a short time. If you put my name (DianaF) in the question, that will make sure it gets to me..I look forward to working with you again..Have a great day.~Diana
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thanks ever so much i am a little disappointed that they are not worth more as i realy need the money my husband got them out of cambodia when he was in they last helicopter to fly out while they were shooting at them he ;new that they were not suposed to be taken out by the goverment he died 8 months ago and all his policeys were acidental he died of pancreica cancer which staryed 10 yrs ago the oldest person to live that long that god hope you have a good life linda to dianna F antique expert
Expert:  Diana F. replied 2 years ago.
Hi Linda.I appreciate the well wishes. I'm sorry for your loss and for the situation that you're in. I wish I could say they would be worth a lot more especially considering the history. With the story behind them you may be able to ask for more. It wouldn't be a lot because there are some for sale out there, but you could try asking for $400 to $500 on each of the gold ones and $1000 to $1200 on the larger piece. I wish you the best of luck and if there's anything else I can do don't hesitate to ask. Please keep in mind I am only credited for my answer if you rate me positively. If you feel the need to use a lower rating which adds a negative mark to my profile or if you have any further questions about your item please feel free to reply to me and tell me what else I can do for you. Best Wishes.Diana