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Glenda B.
Glenda B., Antiques Appraiser
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I've been searching online on my Salem

Customer Question

Hello, I've been searching online for information on my Salem china set. Can't find an exact match anywhere. There is a cluster of roses and flowers in the middle with a wide decorative gold rim. Dinner plates are 10 inches. Smaller plates are 61/4 inches. Cups have flowers inside. Also have small "fruit" bowls and larger soup bowls. On the back of some pieces there is a logo with the words Cornet by Salem, underneath 23 K Gold and under that 3stars,54,W. No commas of course. The set was my husband's grandmother's so it has some age. Anything else I may tell you? Thank you.
Oh, also there are 3 similar pieces with Paden City Pottery, made in the USA, within a logo then K-49 underneath on the back. There's also 99 in blue written.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Glenda B. replied 2 years ago.
My name is Glenda,
I will be glad to help you today.
The Style is Coronet, the pattern is 54W. Salem made this style in many different floral patterns, they numbered them all 54 with a different letter for each floral pattern. The Salem China Co., once located at the end of S. Broadway Ave. beyond Euclid St., was established in 1898 by ***** *****, Thomas McNicol and Daniel Cronin. Patrick McNicol, who operated the East Liverpool Potteries, is credited with making the decision to build a plant in Salem. Originally, the firm made heavy hotel ware, the unbreakable kind. In August of 1918, the firm was sold to F. A. Sebring. Frank H. Sebring became president, and F. W. McKee, general manager.
Paden City Pottery was out of Virginia they made many pieces similar to Salem China. The Paden City Pottery Company operated in Paden City, West Virginia from 1914 until 1963.
Are you wanting current market value for your china?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes. I already knew the above information from my own web searches. Just can't find my actual pattern, year made or value. Thank you.
Expert:  Glenda B. replied 2 years ago.
I am sorry I am never sure how much the customer already knows, I can get you the values of your pieces. I have many Salem China price guides. If you can tell me what exactly you have. Your pattern is the number and letter on the back.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Are you serious? Did you read my email? All the information is in it including things you repeated to me. Sorry to be rude but I spent hours searching myself and came to you willing to pay for a professional answer for what I couldn't find.
Expert:  Glenda B. replied 2 years ago.
I am sorry I am a little confused, you stated you needed a value and the pattern name of your china. " Yes. I already knew the above information from my own web searches. Just can't find my actual pattern, year made or value. Thank you."
I replied I did not know what information you already knew, like the history of the company etc. As for pattern name, yes you stated what was written on the back of your pieces. I was confirming that the writing on the back of your china was in fact the pattern name/number. I was not simply repeating what it is you had written. I was assuming you did not know that this was the pattern number/name.
I then offered to get you the value for each of the pieces you have in your set. So I am a little confused why you are upset, I am doing everything you asked me to do.
I am confirming from my Salem China Books that this is the Style name Coronet, and the pattern is 54W, that is how it is listed, I can also give you current values if you like.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I was frustrated because on the original page it asked what I have done so far. Maybe you don't receive this information which would be ridiculous. The information I told you that was on the back is it. Yes, I would like current values.
Expert:  Glenda B. replied 2 years ago.
No we do not see the original page that you ask a question on. That is on the site on the customers end of things. The appraisers are not employees of the site we come to the site to answer questions that customers post but, we can only see what shows up in a message area, not all of the original post, there can be parts of it missing on our end. I do apologize for that.
If you can tell me all the exact pieces you have I will get values for each piece, sometimes if you sell it is better to sell by the piece, a lot of people are willing to pay more for one or two pieces if they are adding to sets they already have.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello, I had an original question dated July 12th concerning my Salem 52 china and a couple Paden pieces. I was asked for an actual count of the different items I have for values but got busy with work and apparently did not answer in time. Now I have
the count as follows: Salem 52: 7 10" dinner plates 6 6.25" bread and butter plates 6 8" soup bowls 6 5.25" fruit bowls 3 coffee cups 7 6" saucers 1 9" serving bowl (has chip inside rim, approx. 1" X 3/4") I also have 1 creamer #10. For my Paden: 1 10" dinner
plate #K-49 1 7.75" soup bowl #I-49 1 6.25" bread and butter plate #I-49 (3/16" small chip on edge) There is also W. Pickard: 1 salt and pepper shakers gold 1 salt and pepper shakers gold (with hand painted and China printed) Please advise.
Expert:  Glenda B. replied 2 years ago.
Hello,.To view the answer, you will need to be logged into the web site from your computer. you cannot respond or send messages to the expert via emails..The Salem China Set, has an estimated value on the current market for an average of $650.00-775.00, the Paden - 1 10" dinner plate #K-49 -$18.00-22.50, 1 7.75" soup bowl #I-49 -$14.00, 1 6.25" bread and butter plate #I-49-$14.50-15.00, (3/16" small chip on edge) There is also W. Pickard: 1 salt and pepper shakers gold -$ 22.50-25.00, 1 salt and pepper shakers gold (with hand painted and China printed) -$25.00-28.50, depending on the condition and where it is for sale at. These will typically sell higher in an Antique Shop or Private sale compared to an auction. If you are thinking of selling, you might want to check your local Antique Shops in the area to see what yours or one like it would sell for or has sold for, then you can decide to sell online or locally. As antiques and collectibles are subject in selling price to different areas across the country. Larger Metropolitan Areas bring higher prices then Smaller Cities..If you plan on selling this I would list this for sell on the internet where it will have the largest shopping market. There are some great sites you can sell from. You can sell in your local area or a larger city near you with Craigslist, it is free, and when they item sells the buyer picks it up..You can sell on Etsy, which is a great place to sell from, you list Vintage Items, they can stay until they sell. Much like having a little store online. There is also Rubylane, which is a more upscale site where people sell more expensive items. There is also Tias and GoAntiques, which is on the same scale of Rubylane. There is Amazon Market Place, ArtFire and of course Ebay. All of these sites get you a lot of World Wide exposure and bring the best traffic. They are all great! Keep in mind if you sell to a dealer or antique or resell shop you can expect to get about 30-40% of what it is worth since they have to resell the item.. If you have any further questions or problem about your answer, please reply to me before deciding to leave a negative rating, which does effect my job.. If you would like to work with me on further questions you might have, it would be a pleasure to work with you again. All you have to do is put my name ( Glenda ) at the beginning of your question.. Please keep in mind I am only compensated from the site for my answer, if you rate me positively..You do so immediately following this answer by clicking one of the top two Smiles, or Stars depending which one you see on your answer! .. Thank you so much! Glenda
Expert:  Glenda B. replied 2 years ago.
HelloHi, I'm just checking in to see how things are going. Let me know if you still need help!"If there was a problem with the answer I provided for you? I would be happy to address that. If not a rating would be greatly appreciated, since this is the only way we are compensated for answering questions, from the site. .Thank you so much!Glenda

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