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I have a full, literally full set of coffee cups, saucers,

Customer Question

I have a full, literally full set of coffee cups, saucers, 3 sizes of plates, desert bowls, coffee/tea pot, sugar, creamer, serving trays and salt/pepper with this hallmark. I've also included a photo of the 3 size plates I mentioned. Oos, I forgot how to add photos.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Frank replied 2 years ago.
Thanks very much for your request.
It looks like only the photo of the back of the dish showed up. Could you send over the photos of the set/pattern itself?
Thanks again,
Just in case:
The link below will direct you through our upload process
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Here is the other photo that I was trying to send. There are many photos of all pieces, as I indicated this is a complete set less 2 coffee/tea cups.

Expert:  Frank replied 2 years ago.
Hello Kristin,
From the photo, it looks like you have two different patterns combining the gold and turquoise. Are these both the same maker?
How many pieces are in each pattern?
Thanks again,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Per the family that inherited this it is believed to be the same set. The plates all fit on top of each other like: entree bottom, salad middle and appetizer on top - I've Americanized that, but they are all marked back side the same. Yes the larger entree plates is the only pieces that have the additional picture, whereas the saucer, cups, teapot, etc. all have the gold and aqua accents. - The family member who has this now has no additional information, except to say it was given to her grandmother early in life.

Looking for era, history of and approximate value please.

Expert:  Frank replied 2 years ago.
Thanks Kristin.
I am going to get to work on your evaluation this morning and should have something out this afternoon.
Have a great day,
Expert:  Frank replied 2 years ago.
Thanks again for your patience Kristin.
Your vintage china set was produced by Bohemia Ceramic Works AG circa 1941-1945 in Neurohlau, Bohemia.
In excellent condition the china would have retail values as follows:
Dinner Plate 30-35USD
Salad Plate 22-25USD
Bread and Butter Plate 20-23USD
Cup 15-18USD
Saucer 10-14USD
Desert Bowl 18-22USD
Tea Pot 150-160USD
Sugar 32-35USD
Creamer 28-30USD
Serving Tray 85-90USD
Salt 30-35USD
Pepper 30-35USD
These are retail values for individual pieces in excellent condition. If there are any damages to the dishes including cracks, chips or any missing pattern this would devalue the china.
If you were looking to resell the set as a whole a fair market value would be between 50-60% of the values presented in good to excellent condition in a secondary market setting. If you can sell in small sets or individual pieces you may be able to get closer(70-80%) to the retail values presented to buyers looking to find missing or broken pieces.
I hope this information was helpful to you today,
Best of luck with your vintage Bohemia Works china,
Any feedback you can leave for my service would be much appreciated,
Thank You,
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