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I have a pair of mirrored Satsuma, moriage style, on gosa blue

Customer Question

I have a pair of mirrored Satsuma, moriage style, on gosa blue background vases depicting as I presume the goddess Kannon and clergymen. By comparing other vases on the net, I have not seen similar golden boys on the top of the vase. Neither can I figure out the signature of which one kanji looks like (mountain). The vases are marked in gold as definitely a pair. Is this a known signature of an artist or ceramics studio/factory. Approximate age and value of both vases would be appreciated. They have been in my family for generations.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Robert S. replied 2 years ago.
Hi! My name is ***** ***** I would be happy to help with your Satsuama vases.Could you very kindly attach a photo of them and a photo of the bottoms showing the whole of the underside including the mark and I'll tell you all about them and give you a value.Also, what size are they?Many thanks and wait to hear.Robert.PS Here's a really easy way to attach photos.Just three clicks and a copy and paste and you are done:Go to need to 'log in' or 'register' it makes it too complicated)Click on "Upload Images"Click on "Browse Your Computer"Select the pictures you want to send me from the box that pops up.Hit "open".Click on "Start Upload" (and wait few seconds pictures to load)And then copy the link they give you. It will look similar to this and it's located right under where it says Image Linkand paste it here where you are typing to me.(If you have uploaded multiple photos on one link, copy the URL in the browser bar at the top of your screen, otherwise I get just one photo
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
they are 30 cm tall,Au84Fk6,hsSfCDv,mYRyc2C,TJUVFTT,xwvmcJl,AtKwblP,ZjDc02Y,LReyIgf,FFtVdsZ,Au84Fk6,hsSfCDv,mYRyc2C,TJUVFTT,xwvmcJl,AtKwblP,ZjDc02Y,LReyIgf,FFtVdsZ#1,Au84Fk6,hsSfCDv,mYRyc2C,TJUVFTT,xwvmcJl,AtKwblP,ZjDc02Y,LReyIgf,FFtVdsZ#3,Au84Fk6,hsSfCDv,mYRyc2C,TJUVFTT,xwvmcJl,AtKwblP,ZjDc02Y,LReyIgf,FFtVdsZ#5,Au84Fk6,hsSfCDv,mYRyc2C,TJUVFTT,xwvmcJl,AtKwblP,ZjDc02Y,LReyIgf,FFtVdsZ#6,Au84Fk6,hsSfCDv,mYRyc2C,TJUVFTT,xwvmcJl,AtKwblP,ZjDc02Y,LReyIgf,FFtVdsZ#7
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Expert:  Robert S. replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for the measurements and great album of photos.This is a very nice pair and has some age to it. You are right, it's unusual to see the two boys in full relief atop each ring and tassel handle, but they do occur, and sometimes you see double boys on each other's shoulders. That and the brocading on the shoulder of the vase date them to late Meiji, circa 1890s. The main panels depict Kannon, the goddess of mercy in the Buddhist tradition accompanied by two other immortals (one on the reverse) and a boy. The mark on the bottom is a red kakihan decorator signature. Kakihan are nearly always impossible to read, so we may never know for sure what it says.The lower character is, as you rightly translated, is 山"mountain" but the upper one is too indistinctly written to read. It may simply be:月so making the signature 月山 "Gassan".This is one of many thousands of unattributed decorator marks, and the absence of a Shimazu mon (the cross-in-a-circle crest of the Shimazu clan chief) indicates Satsuma yaki produced outside the traditional Satsuma region in one of the many centers for export production such as in Nagoya and Kyoto that sprang up following Satsuma decoration's success in the West. As for value, the subject matter on these is not as popular as it used to be and it would be a hard sell getting more than $200 - $300 for the pair at auction or on eBay at the moment, although the charming figural handles do lift them out of the ordinary which could lift them as high as $400. I would hang on to them, if you can, and enjoy them and, who knows, Satsuma art pottery with Buddhist figures will become as popular as it once was.I would insure them for a replacement value of $800. I do hope this helps!Please let me know if you would like further assistance with this, I would be glad to.Best wishes,Robert
Expert:  Robert S. replied 2 years ago.
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