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Southwb, Estate Company Owner & Antique Dealer
Category: Antiques
Satisfied Customers: 763
Experience:  I have been in the estate liquidation and antique business for over 15 years.
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Have an antique secretary with small desk and curved glass

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Have an antique secretary with small desk and curved glass cabinet. Have no idea of the value. Can you help? Also, I haves two drawer filing cabinet.

Southwb :


Southwb :

Do you have a photo of the desk? & filing cabinet?\

Southwb :

Here's what I tell customers about how to get pictures to me:

Go to

1. Click "Computer".
2. Double click the image you want to upload.
3. Click "Start Upload".
4. When the image appears on your screen, just copy the link from that page and paste it on this page.

Customer: Ok I tried but I don't want to have to register is there another way to send pictures on here?
Southwb :

I just received a photo of your secretary. Can you describe the filing cabinet.

Southwb :

This desk is actually a Victorian Side by Side. Side by Sides were popular in the 1890s as combination secretaries and curio cabinets.

Southwb :

Yours, here looks to be a fine example in very good condition. Fair market value on it would be $1200-$1800. Insurance/replacement value should be no less than $2200.

Southwb :

Can you describe the filing cabinet?

Customer: I might be able to add it to the original question. Just a minute
Southwb :

Just describe it to me here.

Customer: It's a two piece side by side with the drawers on the top and two cabinets on the bottom. The top surface also comes off I've never seen one like it before
Customer: I think it's oak
Southwb :


Customer: Yes I bought it 30+ years ago from an antique shop
Southwb :

I believe what you are describing is called a dispatchers cabinet, these were used in offices in the 1910s to file paperwork for schedules such as trains and later for early taxi cabs.

Customer: is there a different way I can get you a picture?
Southwb :

e-mail it [email protected]

Customer: Ok sending it
Southwb :


Southwb :

Received it

Southwb :

Yes, that is what this piece is, a dispatchers cabinet or also known as a railroaders credenza. It is made of solid quarter sawn oak/

Southwb :

Fair market value on this piece would be $950-$1250 based on it's rarity and condition. Insurance value should be no less than $1400 replacement value for this wonderful piece.

Southwb :

All values are in USD.

Customer: Thanks that's a huge help! I have a few other pieces I would love you to check out I would have to get pictures tomorrow. Should I just post a new question tomorrow?
Southwb :

Yes you can post a new question and request my user name which is Southwb. Please click Accept as that will close this question and allow you to rate my answer. Have a Great Evening!!!

Customer: thanks you too
Southwb and 2 other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you
Thanks Again!