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C&A Appraisals (Randi)
C&A Appraisals (Randi), Antiques and Collectibles Researcher
Category: Antiques
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I have an antique toy. It is a monkey holding cymbals and

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I have an antique toy. It is a monkey holding cymbals and whe he is wound, he bounces and claps his cymbals together. I don't know just how old he is, but I remember playing with this toy in the early 1960s, and I remember that it was old then. It is covered with cloth, has a blue cone hat and very nice glass eyes, red with a black pupil. Approximately 8 inches tall and 6 incessant from front to back. He is holding together, but some seams are a little loose. Any idea how much this toy might be worth?

C&A Appraisals (Randi :

Look carefully on the toy for a manufacturer for me. I think he was made in Japan from around the late 40's early 50s. Is he on a box or have a box in front of him? Do you want to keep him or sell him as that tells me which value market to research. He is in good working order mechanically? I will be on tomorrow also and will watch for your reply. My best, Randi

Customer: He is not in a box, and whether or not I sell him depends on the possible value. There is no marking on him whatsoever, but I remember my mother saying she thought he came from Germany. There is a similar toy that she played with in the 1930s, a lion that also winds up, opens and closes it's mouth and roars. Both still work, as the keys are still with them. Some loose seams, but I don't want to repair in case that would devalue them as antiques. The monkey is covered with a fuzzy cloth, a smooth cloth face with shorter fuzz on his chin, and his hat is felt. Very cute cloth ears, as well. He feels like wool. The lion has rabbit fur for a mane, and is also fuzzy cloth and glass eyes. Does that help?
Customer: Are you here?
Customer: I would love to hear your input...
Customer: I do not feel as if we have finished this question.....
CAssoc :

No, we had not finished the question, I got off for the night but noted that I would also be on today. I would not leave you hanging without an answer, that is how I get paid. After we are done, I would appreciate your upgrading the poor service to a more satisfactory rating. Please know, I will stay with this question until you get the information you need.

CAssoc :

I will give you both retail (insurance replacement) and resale market values as they are different values. The retail value is what an antique shop or gallery that normally sells old/antique toys would ask. The resale market value is what you as a private individual can sell it for, as is without return privileges, and with no store guarantees. If you would like me to explain this further for you, I would be glad to. The market you can enter into is usually the classifieds, auction, online auctions and set price sites such as Amazon, Craig's list, or a sale to a dealer.

CAssoc :

Is this him?

CAssoc :

The first mechanical money of this type was made by Japanese company Daishin C.K in 1950 and continued to be made by the company through the 70s. It was called the "Musical Jolly Chimp".

CAssoc :

Mid 1960s through the early 1970s a Japanese built Charley Chimp, was sold by street peddlers on the streets of lower Manhattan in NYC. Other brand names include Wind-up Monkey Playing Cymbals from Russ, Pepi Tumbling Monkey with Cymbal from Yano Man Toys, Clockwork Musical Monkey with Clashing Cymbals, Musical Monkey, Magic Monkey, and Jolly Chimp. There is also one called Charlie Chimp from Lincoln, which is different from Charley Chimp.

CAssoc :

Does yours look like either of these?

CAssoc :

This one was made by Marx Carl, Germany

CAssoc :

click on it and see if it works, I may have to take the photo onto my desktop and made it smaller for you. Can you open it?

CAssoc :

[IMAGE][SRC][/SRC][ALT][/ALT][WIDTH]64.83050847457628[/WIDTH][HEIGHT]100[/HEIGHT][STYLE]width: 153px; height: 236px;[/STYLE][/IMAGE]

CAssoc :

Sorry, that didn't work. Can you see the last pic of the German monkey? I see you are in chat.

Customer: Yes, I see the pictures, but mine is quite different. I have pictures on my phone. Is there an e-mail box where I can send them to you?
CAssoc :

Yes, it may take a day or two for them to get them to me. Send them [email protected]

CAssoc :

He isn't anything like the last one? The one from Germany?

CAssoc :

Here is another fairly early one:

CAssoc :

What clothes if any does yours have on? That might help me narrow him down.

Customer: It looks more like that last picture! Only the cap is blue, and the wind up key is in the back
CAssoc :

The first one, the 1950s Musical Jolly Chimp is the most valuable to collectors, but one originating from Germany is really desirable to collectors.

CAssoc :

Ok, I'll see if I can find him.

Customer: And the lion is very similar in style, as though made by the same maker, only older, and with the real rabbit fur mane.
CAssoc :

He definitely sounds older.

Customer: I wish I could send you pictures from my phone. Is there an e-mail I could use?
CAssoc :

Maybe it would be best to email photos of both.

Customer: Okay, they are coming from my phone. What e-mail of yours can receive pictures that way?
CAssoc :

the little guy with the red hat was made by Marx Karl (spelled both ways), yours may just have a different cat color. Karl is the only German manufacturer that I can find in the 1950s-1960s era.

CAssoc :

If you can email them [email protected] and have them forwarded to me (Randi CAssoc), I will get them.

CAssoc :

The experts are not part of the Just Answer company, we are independent from the company workings. If you have any trouble at all, please contact Customer Service and they will help you.

CAssoc :

I also suggest Imgur ( as it is free and easy to upload to. If you create a page there, be sure and mark it public and then copy and paste the photos page link in your response to me.

Customer: Ok, I am sending 5 pictures now. Not the greatest quality, but then you can see both toys. :-)
CAssoc :

sorry about the above 'cat'! I meant hat color, lol.

CAssoc :

Ok, but as I said, it goes to them and then they have to forward it to me. It depends on how many photos are coming in by email on how long it takes them to get the photos forwarded to me. It may take a day or so, so I do not want you to get anxious if you do not hear right back from me.

Customer: I am sorry, I am not very computer savvy. The lion was played with by my mother in the 1930s-40s, and she said it was from Germany. The monkey is younger, and I think you found the maker. The faces are very similar.
CAssoc :

Ok, great, and I understand about computer savvy! I know just enough to be dangerous! LOL.

Customer: Okay. I will be patient now. There are 5 photos. 3 of monkey, 2 of lion, who also has the key in the back.
CAssoc :

Ok, I will watch for them and will give you both retail and resale market values.

Customer: Both toys look played with, but both work perfectly when wound. Thank you!
CAssoc :

Condition is always a critical component of value, but working condition is very critical to value. I will watch for the photos and get back to you as soon as I get them. My best and have a good day. Randi

CAssoc :

by the way, I do not know how to email photos from a phone, so you are doing better than me!

CAssoc :

I am going to leave you now, but will chat again as soon as I get the photos. Bye for now, Randi

Customer: Lion has pink nose and the key is on it's left side. I will wait to hear from you in a day or two or three.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I found an exact same toy as the Lion, listed here:

I don't see Japan writtenanywhere, but Marx is a German name... What do you think?
Linemar was the import subsidiary of Louis Marx & Co. Louis Marx was an early adopter of overseas manufacturing and distribution relationships and established Linemar to facilitate the importation of mechanical and battery-operated toys from Japan.

Linemar appears to have been in business from the late 1950's through about 1968, when Marx ostensibly disbanded the organization and assumed corporate responsibility for subsequent imported products.

Found the answer on this website:


If yours does not have the Linemar tag on the foot, it may be an earlier version produced by Marx. The value would be about the same but a little lower as the one you showed me has its original box (not good condition but there). I would say approx $150-$175 for insurance and between $75-$90 resale.


Your toy monkey would be in approximately the same range...$125-$150 retail and 450-$75 resale (taking into consideration some of the loose seams).


Louis Marx was the biggest manufacturer of toys in the world in the 1950s. He was born late 19th century to Jewish German parents in NY. He was a millionaire by age 26!

His is an interesting story.


Good sleuthing on the lion! My best, Randi

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you! Neither of mine have their boxes, those were just background. Does that lower the price considerably? Both are in good condition, not great or mint, and the lion is DEFINITELY early as my mother played with it and she was born in 1932, so maybe it is from the 1940s. This is the last I will need to bother you on this question. I REALLY appreciate the info on the Japanese maker.
No problem at all, you are not bothering me. I took into consideration your condition issues as stated with the monkey and that they do not have boxes. I do think if your lion and the Linemare one are that same that your lion was probably made by Marx but before he set up the export/import business with Japan. So the values should be pretty right on for insurance and for resale.
If you have any other questions on these, let me know. I hope to see you again soon, it was a pleasure. My best, Randi
C&A Appraisals (Randi) and other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you