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I have a Bavarian pitcher and vase hand painted with letter

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I have a Bavarian pitcher and vase hand painted with letter inside from great great grandmother giving it as a wedding present to my mom. I have carnival glass bowls with the S inside. I have Fenton china and lots of other china from Germany. How do I figure out all of these pieces worth? Real worth.

I would be happy to help but we only handle one or two items at a time. A subscription works best for this with an album of images or you can send them one image at a time to me by email. Customer service has lots of options. Just put Dori in your posts and I can help you with any amount that you have. I enjoy working on collections with patons. Dori

Email takes a
day or so as it goes through our support staff to us as experts

Send images to:

[email protected]

Include in the subject line or the
message your username and Dori in antiques so our support team know what
this relates to and who to send it to...just remember patience is key with such
a busy support staff. Images can take time to get here. Thank you so much.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
, I have sent several emails with pictures. They all have the subject Dori. Can't wait to hear what you think.

Do you have a subscription or a free trial so we can work on these one at a time here? It is quite easy as I can look at one indepth and then you respond with an assessment or rating that gives me credit for the work and we go to the next one.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Well today I paid a doctor 35.00 and then started my free trial but I am pretty sure it should of gone towards the subscription. Right now it is just a free trial. I will be super glad to help give you credit.

If you need to double check (our systems sometimes get these free subscriptions unregistered and I hate that for both the patron and us) here is the customer service contact info.

Black Belt Support - Justanswer

PS the images may not get to me until the morning due to different time zones but I will repond as soon as I recieve something. If you start a few other posts we can work more swiftly than just here (ex. "Dori this is a post for the Bavarian pitcher" and then "Dori this is a post for the Carnival glass bowl") This also allows you to tell me any marks on the pieces or history that you want to detail like that of your GGgrandmothers wedding dates etc. since each post can tell me more about that image. Thanks!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok, I will have more time tomorrow also. Thank you for your interest and help tonight.
Great. We will talk tomorrow. Dori
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
How do I reply for tonight?

I am not sure what you are asking but you could post all your questions (where you posted this one or at our antiques window with my name in the post as I show in my example and they will be there for me when the images make it from my support team.

I believe it should be fine and the questions will be sent to me or wait until I come online in the morning..You can not be charged for posting your questions to me but if you want to also double check your account so you dont get charged tomorrow when we work on them that would be optimal (for me too).

Oh my. I was just signing off and got a large amount of email images.

I certainly dont mind but I definitely need more information on each of these. This isnt one or two, is it. Some of them I can not see enough detail either.

I will take a look in the morning. So sorry for all the confusion. We used to have an album option to link to but lets take this one at a time. History, material..what we are looking going to help greatly. Thanks so much. Dori

Is there any chance that you could use imgur or mediafire? These allow albums and are very easy as my email is filling up.

As well do you have any feedback on the check on your statis as a free trial and how many questions you can ask? or how long? I want to make sure that we do as many of these without triggering some sort of system issue for you. Dori

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Dori,

I do not know anything about mediafire or imgur. I can try to set it up but for right now, I will email you at dori this is the carnival glass.

So sorry for the hassle. I still have each of your images. We can start with these too. Try Imgur it works well. I didnt know how much you had.

Yes we need a new post to start working on these if nothing else. This is getting quite long. I will do a few and we will see if the system is allowing your free trial to work. Thanks. Dori

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I started with the Hummels, I even have a fake one by Erich Stauffer.

If you could start there and also maybe look at the Bavarian pieces that would be great.

Ok. I will take a look. I do know the market for Hummels but this was not what we were discussing..and this is a very specialized item. The Bavarian collection would be best for me..there maybe other items that are not my area and I want to be able to tell you that I can not answer on those items, if I see them. Collectibles are a bit different than antiques. Dori


PS I need to leave for a bit but will be back later today.

Kim D. and 2 other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you

Ok. I will start with the first one that I see..and it is a beauty. This is the ruby glass toothpick holder.


This Early American Pressed Glass tumbler pattern is called Columbia or "Co-op's Columbia" as it was produced by Co-Operative / Cooperative Flint Glass Company of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania (1879-1934) in 1891.


This toothpick holder came in many colors from amber, clear, green and blue but ruby is very unusual to find. This pretty pattern with 8 vertical panels separated by beaded ribs had four large 'bullseye' around the sides and a scalloped rim. It also included a pressed star in the base.


This pressed glass toothpick has a market value in the range of 30.00 (USD) today base on the last few years of sales and offerings of this particular pattern Worldwide. The value is a bit higher than the more common colors that sell between 25.00-28.00 (USD).


I will move on to your clear glass items in the next image as soon as I hear from you. Thank you for your patience. Dori

PS this is why it is great to have the questions sitting on the board as I can keep working and you need not worry about me waiting for you to get to my answers. But I know this is a bit of a learning curve. :)

Kim D. and 2 other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you

Thank you so much. This next one is sweet. It is a miniature or individual pressed glass cruet set. I do not think it is a doll set but more of a mini. The make is unknown but it is a pineapple matching pattern and is complete! great shape too! This is so unusual. Included are an oil cruet, salt cellar (tiny bowl), tall pepper shaker and a tray. This small collection of Early American Pressed Glass has a market value today in the range of 50.00-60.00 (USD) and dates to the 1890-1910 period according to recent sales of miniature sets and similar offerings across the market. Best wishes, Dori

Kim D. and 2 other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you

I wanted to ask about the two floral sets both with violet is a cream and sugar with all over transfer design? and the other is hand painted and is a cream pitcher and spooner set? Do these have any marks on them...or history share on them?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just emailed the bottom of the sugar and creamer small white china with violet flowers.

I am not sure what the other set is. I only have another one with pink flowers but it does not have anything on the bottom.


all of these antiques were in my husband's grandmother's cabinets. They were in her family prior to that. I am gonna say that they are all from the late 1800's.


When she passes her daughter took possession of everything and never did anything with any of it.

I will be back shortly, to take a look but could you also tell me about the burned wood illustration of the bust of a woman (pyroart) - is that a trivet, a glove box? a plaque? I cant tell from the picture if it has a dimension or is flat. The images are a bit tricky opening them one at a time from emails. Albums allow me to see more and one after another.

Lastly there is no mark on the hand painted set of cream pitcher and slightly larger pitcher or spooner (blue trim and blue violet hand painting)? correct?

The all over violet set of cream and sugar images have not come but can you tell me the make just to be clear when I see the images. Thank you! Dori

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The box is hand carved with illustration being rigid. It was told to us that it might be a cigar box. There is nothing on the bottom. Very light with side hinges.

The china says Lefton China Hand painted Reg US (something that starts with a p or d) then these numbers 663 V That is the violet hand painted set of creamer and sugar bowl.


The other white china set with blue trim and blue and green flowers is holding a note inside that states it is a wedding present from my husband's great great grandmother to his mom stating that it has been in the family for ever and was her wedding present. I think it might be Bavarian.

Let's start with the violet cream and sugar. I did receive your image thank you so much.


The Lefton China company started in 1946 and its main source of Lefton pieces as Japan. This would date to the period of 1949-1955 by the mark that shows a crown encircled with "Lefton China,Hand Painted, Reg.U.S. Pat. Off. It is a discontinued pattern called Violet Chintz, the pattern number is XXXXX and as you noted on the bottom. This transfer ware "mini creamer" has a market value of 22.00 (USD) alone while the "mini sugar" bowl with lid is a bit harder to find and has a market value of 32.00 (USD) as an individual, however in recent years with the market being soft the typical numbers that they fetch as a set is up to 45.00 (USD). Very sweet. Dori


I will continue on to your wedding present after this. I love the history on those. :)

Kim D. and 2 other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you

Thank you. I got fascinated with Lefton China so here is the answer for the orange and yellow tea rose plate. :)

These plates were often sold in sets of four. They were all hand painted so they are all very different and you can find everything from violets, all color roses to bouquets of flowers and even fruit and fruit bowls on many a piece. The ones that have gilded tips on the reticulated edge are the most beautiful. Unfortunately the value of these is moderate due to the nature of the collectible plate, the date (not too early), availablity and the poor china market. This lattice or pierced edge Lefton China plate with a hand painted orange and yellow tea rose medallion dates to 1950-1955 (as is the date of this style plate). It is identified by the mark which is slightly different than the mini sugar and creamer and shows a crown encircled with "Lefton China, Hand Painted." This single plate would have a current market value in the range of 15.00-20.00 (USD) at high end antique markets. (Sets of four come in a bit lower at 35.00-40.00 (USD) a set) I hope this helps. Dori

Kim D. and 2 other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you

This hand painted cream and open sugar (this is what I have
decided this second piece is) are a very pretty and unique pair. Hand painted
with forget me nots these were a very popular flower at the turn of the century
and help date this piece along with the lack of a mark on the bottom. The
McKinley Tariff act of 1891 required all ware to be marked with country of
origin so a piece without a mark means that this is pre 1891. The style and
hand painted decoration date this very close to 1890. It may well be Bavarian
as you suggest as these flowers were often painted on that regions ware.
However the shape of these with the lovely high belly, pedestal stand and blue
and green scrolling and trim are very different than any that I have seen. The market
value of the set would be in the range of 100.00-125.00 (USD) conservatively. It
is such a nice pair that I truthfully believe that they could sell higher
certainly with the family history of the wedding present and the fact that the
set have been in the family for years..give great sentimental value to the
pieces as well. A replacement or insurance value range of 185.00-190.00 (USD)
would be appropriate..I don't think this is one that you would sell. Best
wishes, Dori

Kim D. and 2 other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you

The next one that we can look at is the "Pyrography" glove or handkerchief box. This was made c. 1910 during the height of the Art Nouveau. These boxes were quite commonly decorated with busts of beauties and grapes and this is a very well executed example. These as you say are very light and were made of soft light colored woods that were decorated with burnt illustrations from the controlled application of a heated poker.


Pyrography means "writing with fire" and the most common use of these boxes were for small accessories such as gloves and handkerchiefs. Some were a little larger and held letters or keepsakes. These do have value based on the workmanship of the artist...and those with figurative work are more desirable than those with fruits, flowers and foliage. This one would have a market value in the range of 75.00-85.00 (USD) based on the density of the design and the skill and artistry. Here are some others that you can compare to. :) Dori

Kim D. and 2 other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you

This is a test to see if we can keep moving even while you are out. I am hopeing that you can rate this answer separate from the one above.

I have been looking at your tall Amberina vase in depth and what this is is actually a Viking Art Glass piece which dates after the early 1960's. The West Virginia company was renamed from The New Martinsville Glass Manufacturing Co. to Viking Glass Co. around 1940. It was already well known for its colored glass and had been in operatation since 1901 but at this time it changed its production to a Swedish style in line with Swedish Modern décor which was all the rage. In the early 1960's they became even more modern with their shapes and hand pulled designs and this would be in keeping with this vase in your collection. This was called a swung glass art vase and the pattern was called a 6 petal pattern and was from their Epic line. The varigated coloration and the clear top all point to Viking. The value of these vases across the market are 30.00-35.00 (USD). Very pretty. Best wishes, Dori

Kim D. and 2 other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you
I hope that I didnt loose you. I have been waiting to hear back from you on these above before moving on. I am still here to help. Dori
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Was out of town with no service. Sorry to keep you waiting.
No problem. I certainly understand. I thought that might be the case. I will keep looking at what we have. Dori

I went back to the images and was wondering if you can send me a full image of the green West Germany vase, I lost the image of the front and have still a bottom mark. What can you tell me about that, if anything. As well what do you see on the yellow ash tray? I can not make out the coin shaped impressed this possibly commemorative or a souvenir are their marks? Lastly what are we looking at with the two Kennedy images..and is this attached to the mount? I need some additional information. Thanks so much. Dori

L. E. Smith Glass Company of Mt Pleasant, Pennsylvania was formed in 1907. They began producing colored glass in the mid 1920's, making pink, XXXXX, XXXXX, yellow, amethyst and cobalt pieces as early as 1926.

Your pedestal bowl with a ruffled edge in Daisy and Button pattern however is considered a 20th century pressed glass pattern by the company, possibly from the 1960's. This amber color is not as interesting to collectors as ruby, amethyst, bright blue (tiara blue?) but these are very pretty pieces that show a current market value today in the range of 20.00-30.00 (USD). These unfortunately are not rare and can be found selling below value but the range is appropriate the make and style of bowl. All my best, Dori

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just re sent images you asked for.

Thank you so much for the images but can you look at the ash tray and tell anything from it (is there a mark etc. does it say commemorative anything?) I will try and narrow it with my digging but I can not read the Kennedy item either..what is this? and was it framed and mounted?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will have to unpack the ash tray to see the markings so don't worry about that one. The Kennedy item is an music album of all of his speeches in before he was killed.

You have been so much help dori, thanks for all that you have done.

That is ok. From what I can see, the size, coloration and way it is designed, ashtray and the symbols seem to be a Commorative ashtray from the Bicentennial? in 1976. Could that make sense.

Oh I see now what you have. Thank you for the assistance. This is a fairly available album today "The Presidential Years 1960-1963 - Original Speeches - John F. Kennedy" It does still have interest but you can buy it in so many locations the market value is suppressed.

Condition of the album and record are alway of utmost importance with vinyl and in good to very good condition the market is showing 9.00-14.00 (USD) for this. However if this is pristine and it has been stashed away 50.00-70.00 (USD) is an appropriate range...but truthfully it is going to be very hard to sell it at that level..sometimes the value of something is high but if the market can not bare those numbers..(often a sad realization with the Internet changing market availablity greatly for sellers of collectibles and antiques) you have to consider if you hang on to it and preserve the item and wait until markets are less competitive (people are not selling them as often or people have all damaged their examples)

Unfortunately with this one, unless it is signed by someone of importance (one out there is signed by Jackie Kennedy - of course this has a lot more value) the value is going to be modest for a long time as it is saturated. All my best, Dori

Kim D. and 2 other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you

Thank you for sticking with me. I know it is slow but I am researching quite a bit to tell you more about your collection from your husband's grandmother's cabinets and it takes time.

The next two are green ceramics with leaf pattern designs. This vase and pitcher date to the 1960's and are somewhat dated in style. They come from Scheurich Keramik of West Germany and have modest value. The company was founded in 1928 as Scheurich & Greulich and today are based in Bavaria. They have always featured an extensive range of shapes and glazes and some of these are more collectible than others today. This deep green set would have a value in the range of 30.00-40.00 (USD) for the two pieces. All my best, Dori

I am back. It seems that you can see these each separately so I am going to celebrate my research skills and tell you that I found your you dont need to pull it out.

This large thick amber glass 'Coin Glass' cigar and cigarette ashtray dates to circa 1957 - 1965. It as made by the Fostoria Glass Company. These Fostoria "Coin" Items were produced until 1982 but this thick heavy example is telling of the earlier period. The 70's and 80's references note that there was quality difference...and the newer examples do not have "frosted" coins, which I believe are seen here. They can be found in ruby red, green and clear but these amber glass examples seem to be the most common. Today the Fostoria ashtrays have a market value today in the range of 28.00-32.00 (USD).

I am happy to continue on if you have more items. I am here to help and have enjoyed your collection. I wish that I had an expertise in Hummels. I would repost that alone so you get someone interested specifically in those West German figurines. Let me know what I can do and if you have more images to send! Best wishes, Dori

Just wanted to follow up as I havent heard from you on these last two items that I was so interested in sharing about. I hope that you were still happy with those as I also was trying to fit these in your free trial so you got a complete answer in that period. Will you please rate these two so I get credit for this work? How much more time do you have? Dori

Kim D. and 2 other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Dori, I am going to send some more pics this morning of more stuff we found. You are doing me such a great favor by helping me.



Colette - I was notifed that you need to start a new post to do this by a staff support person. They will start considering all this one question and I will not get credit for my work unless each question is posted separately..I hate to do this to you but it is very simple. (just do something like: "Dori please do the first picture of the vase" "Dori please do the second picture of the chair" and so on...)

Please do send more pictures..I am very interested in your findings but start a new question and put Dori at the head of it so we can reconnect and see how this is working. As well, please make sure your subscription is set up right so you know and the site have this well recorded as you have in the past.

Thanks so much. Dori

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dori, I did that already. but sent pics separately.

Great. No pictures have made it to my inbox. I do see your first post and will respond as soon as something comes from support. Thank you for your patience. Dori