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we have inheirited a full set of china, 12 place settings and

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we have inheirited a full set of china, 12 place settings and including serving pieces. The only missings pieces are a tea cup and 1 luncheon plate. The china is labled Made in USA,
CASTLETON CHINA - GLORIA it is gold rimmed and probably from the 1930's. Any idea what it may be worth, and where I can sell?
Good Evening,
Your Castleton China set began production in 1941 and was discontinued in 1972. Values for pieces in excellent condition are as follows:
Cup and saucer set 14-16 dollars, dinner plate 27-30 dollars, luncheon plate 19-21 dollars, salad plate 18-20 dollars, bread and butter plate 9-11 dollars, fruit bowl 13-15 dollars, soup bowl 33-35 dollars, creamer 56-59 dollars, sugar bowl with lid 37-40 dollars, 10" vegetable bowl 77-80 dollars, round covered vegetable bowl 275-285 dollars, 13" oval serving platter 78-80 dollars, 16" serving platter 100-115 dollars, gravy boat with under plate 78-80 dollars, tea pot with lid 215-230 dollars.
These values are for pieces in excellent condition. If you were to attempt to resell the set you would see between 40-60% of these values as a fair market price for the set. If you have the time I would recommend selling individual pieces on websites such as ebay or to buyers or collectors looking to add to their collection or replace broken pieces, as you may be able to realize a price closer to the values I have listed.
Piecing the set out can be a useful tip in the sale of the pieces, if need be you can break up the sets, but I would recommend selling the serving pieces by themselves if at all possible.
I hope this information was helpful to you,
Best of luck with your china,
If you could leave any feedback on my service I would greatly appreciate it,
Thank you,
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