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I have a Duncan Phyfe Style drop-leaf, claw foot table that

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I have a Duncan Phyfe Style drop-leaf, claw foot table that is in excellent condition. it also has 2 leafs (1 homemade). I am wanting to sell it but I need to know what the approximate value is.
Thank you
Good Morning,
Thank you for your question this morning on Just Answer. Your maple Duncan Phyfe Style Drop leaf table was produced in the 1930's and 1940's. The mahogany table has drop leaves and pedestal base with what looks to be brass tipped feet. In good condition with no structural damage an no deep scratching in the current market would value between 85-135 dollars as a fair market price in a secondary market in a private sale. In a retail shop such as a vintage or consignment shop you may be able to get between 150-175 for the table in the in good condition. The current market is very weak for big furniture and the demand has come down quite a bit. We usually sell these Duncan Phyfe style tables in estate sales for between 75-125 in fair condition. You can try to sell it online but it can be difficult with shipping at a high cost for such a large piece.
Thank you for your time this morning on Just Answer,
Best of luck with the table,
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I saw similar style but smaller and not nearly as good of condition tables for sale for up to $600. That was 2 years ago in a small town. Was that just extremely high of a price or has the market dived that much?


Hello Barabra,

Your table is a reproduction of an 1830-1840''s piece and they were a mass produced in the early 20th century. The table you may have seen could be an original hence the high price. Even so if it were a reproduction this would be a very high price. The demand on these tables has been low in the past few years because there are many available. I tried to give you a fair market price where I felt you could sell the table to a willing buyer. Like I said in the 100-150 range is usually where I price them but I know that I will have to come down on them to sell them at the sales.

I hope this information helps you,

Thanks for getting back to me,