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I have a set of Rostfrei OKA flatware, 49 pieces, appears to

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I have a set of Rostfrei OKA flatware, 49 pieces, appears to be a 6 piece set with various other pieces, ladels, salad forks, etc. the backs state 100-33, 100-50, etc. Any idea what this set is worth?
Good Evening,
Your Rostfrei OKA flatware made by Solingen is a German made Silver plated flatware. Rostrei means rust free in German. The numbers on the back elude to the silver content used to plate the entire set of silver.Silver plate is a process where by a thin layer of silver is plated over a base metal usually copper or brass. So the 100-33 and 100-55 would mean that 100 grams of silver would have been used to plate a 33 or 50 piece set. A value for your set would be between 55-65 dollars. If you were looking to resell the set a fair market value would be between 40-45 dollars. In the current market silver plate is a very slow seller due to low demand.
Best of Luck with your flatware,
Thanks very much for your time,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

In 1980 we had this set appraised at a local Jewelry shop and their appraisal was over several thousand dollars, how could there be such a discrepancy? could they have mistaken it for solid silver?

Thank you for the quick reply,
I would say that they did. The only way to truly tell would be by having the metal content tested. Silver can be acid tested, to determine it's purity. How it is done is they will take a single piece and scratch it then pour acid across the specks of metal. This will show whether the pieces are silver or silver plate. I would recommend having it tested. It would be easy for an appraiser to read the 100 as 100 percent silver. But in most cases with Rostfrei it is silver plated.
Thanks very much for your time,
If you have any further questions I would be happy to help any way I can,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

for these OKA sets are the majority of them silver plated or are they all silver plated, other than content testing is there another way to determine what kind of set we have?

Who can do the content testing? a jeweler?

Most of the sets are silver plated, but if I was you I would make sure by doing the test. From the coloring on the bowls of the spoons the pieces look to be plated. Yes most jewelers, pawn shops, coin shops, can do the acid testing for you it is a very simple quick process.
Thank you for your reply,
Best of luck with the flatware,
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