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I have a coin Ioannes XXIII PONTIFEX MAXIMUS profile of Pope

Resolved Question:

I have a coin Ioannes XXIII PONTIFEX MAXIMUS profile of Pope on one side and 1881 IN MEMORIAM 1963 on the otherside , This is a bracelet stamped (375) 14ct yellow gold solid curblink weight 40.27grams. Approx 21cm long and is attached to the commemorative vatican coin. Then what looks like a Griffin atop of a tower above that a Popes corronet. Two keys or staffs cross this and a sheild shape with small fluer de lies within.
Can you tell me if I wanted to sell this item what price I could expect and where best to sell. I know the name of the Pope just wonder how many of these coins are available. Thank You Celeste.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  ExpertAppraiser replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for the inquiry! It appears that you have a medallion that was made for use in jewelry. Similar examples are produced today and for resale value, it would likely be around the gold value. I would recommend taking it to a local coin shop that buys gold or to a stand-alone jewelry shop that buys gold; get three separate offers on it. The coin itself may not be gold, and the main value would be in the bracelet. As this is likely a medal produced for use in jewelry and not a coin - which has a value in trade - likely many, many were produced and today there is not a robust collector market for it that would support a value higher than the gold value.

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