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Kim D.
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We have a very old rocking chair that we have been unable to

Resolved Question:

We have a very old rocking chair that we have been unable to get any information on from the web. The tag on the underside of the seat says Henry & Schmitt Mfg Co, Des Moines, IA. A small unstained are near the tag contains the written number 95-7. The back of the rocker is solid (no slats). There are several swirled carvings on the back and carved "hands" on the ends of the arms. It is in excellent condition. Our great grandparents came from Union and Ottumwa, Iowa, in the late 1800's or early 1900's and may have brought the rocker with them when they settled in Idaho. The only info I can find on the internet is about the Henry & Schmitt building (1902-1960) in downtown Des Moines. Any additional info you can give me will be appreciated. (year mfged, value, etc.)
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Kim D. replied 5 years ago.

Sure. I would be happy to help but we would need to share images to tell you more about the date and value of the chair. The Schmitt & Henry Manufacturing Co. started in 1886 by Schmitt and became one of the largest furniture manufacturing companies in the West by just after the turn of the century. (They made everything from couches to rockers and moved quite a bit in these early years trying to get set up in a suitable location until they found the building that you mention here) B. S. Henry succeeded Schmitt's partner, J. L .Carmen in 1889 and the company grew from there.


Your family history does enhance the value and interest in the chair. I would suggest writing their names and history down and attaching it to the bottom of the chair so it remains with it.


Here are some simple directions to share images. The site Photobucket seems to bring the least number of issues:


Photobucket is a free and easy photosharing site.


Go to and download as many images there as you like in an album and I can get to them with your simple non email user name and password, if you record them for me here. (email can not be shared by JA and our patrons for security..good rule of thumb. Please pick some easy combinations of words or numbers)


We do have an email option but it is slow (a day or so right now) so I like to try these first. If this is not to your liking we can certainly talk about where to send images in an email message. :)



Best wishes, Dori

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