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i have two beautiful anthony klitz original landscape paintings

Customer Question

i have two beautiful anthony klitz original landscape paintings in the original frames-approx 4ft x 2ft long each[ although this is a guestimate!One is of the boulevard shops in Cheltenham city centre, the other is thr river thames with a view of tower bridge.I know these were attaining @ £2500 + for similar pictures a few years ago, are they still saleable today? and if so what sort of money are they fetching
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Will replied 6 years ago.

Hi! My name is Will and I am pleased to assist you. Based on a review of current recorded and documented sales of similar items in the past year and your description, the current market value is estimated to be from $850 to $1,500 at present, each.

Hope this helps! Best, Will


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Anthony Klitz (1917-2000)

The Impressionist style urban cityscape artist Tony Robert Klitz was born in Southport and attended Bishop Wordsworth School, Salisbury before studying painting and drawing at Cheltenham Art College (1936-1939). He also received training as an architect. Klitz served in the War, ending up as a Major, and in 1950 moved to London where he painted alongside the Australian artist Hayward Veal where he began exhibiting his work. On his second showing, one critic (Norman Collins) stated:

"His pictures show a fine restrained sense of colour and he is engagingly sensitive to the London scene. Mr. Klitz is an artist - and this is a high tribute indeed - whose work
will appeal equally to those who live in London and to those who have paid a
visit to London, and want to have something by which to remember it. Whether it
is Horse Guards Parade or the River, Mr. Klitz has captured that strange pearly
light which is the secret of so much of London's grace."

Klitz later moved to Ireland where he lived and painted for much of his life. His last few solo shows were held at the Davis Gallery in Dublin. He died in the city in

During his career as a painter his output was prolific. Specialising in cityscape portraits of London, his understanding of architecture and his subtle, sensitive palette enabled him to replicate the streets of London, as well as the formal pomp of military occasions and river scenes, with detailed dexterity.

In particular, he is admired by art critics for his masterly reproduction of London's watery light.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
You are obviously talking of an American market- in dollars- i am i England.If i were to sell them, would i be better selling them to an American audiance and if so , how would i get them listed in a U.S.A auction/ or would i get the same value in an English auction ?
Expert:  Will replied 6 years ago.
Actually the price is merely stated in USD (I don't have a pound sign on my computer!) and the prices come from auctions worldwide....many of them from Christie's of London. There is no singular venue which appears to do any better than the others from the sources I checked--but they are often listed in the higher range you initially indicated, but there are no recorded actual sales above the ranges I stated to you earlier....often times folks confuse a gallery ASKING price with an actual SELLING price, and they are not the same at all. You would likely do as well in the UK as the USA at present as long as you got into a quality sale. Best, Will