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Value of etching the Stag at Bay

Resolved Question:

Seeking value appraisal for an original etching of "the Stag at Bay" done by Thomas Landseer. 42" wide by 25 1/2" tall (excluding frame). Etching was made for the Marquis of Breadalbane in 1865. never been on public display. It is a special type of etching known as "rock engraving" on ld Style Holland paper which was discontinued some 95 to 105 years ago. Under the pciture is written "To the most noble the Marquis of Breadalbane this engraving from the original picture in is Lordship's collection is with permission most respoectively dedicated by His Lordship's obedient servants." note original painting on which this etching is based was painted by the artists father Sir Edwin Landseer, R.A.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Kim D. replied 6 years ago.

I do find many Thomas Landseer etchings, engravings, and lithographs on the high end fine art market. His work is known but as you well know this sounds like a bit more unique piece than many. Bonhams has dealt with the most that I have found and while this one maybe subtly different, I do believe they would be the best place to get a formal appraisal. They are located internationally so they also are quite accessible. Here is one of his stags that came up in 2003. It is also an engraving and not an etching so it is apples and oranges but here are a few that they have seen.


Lot No: 143
Thomas Landseer (British, 1795-1880) After Sir Edwin Landseer, The Stag at Bay,
engraving, published 1865 by Lewis Brail,
(plate) 60.3 x 99.5cm
Estimate: £700 - 900


Closer to yours - This one is a stag although the title is deceptive

Auction House: Mitchells

Auction Location: Cockermouth, United Kingdom

+ Show Location Details

Furniture Hall



United Kingdom

CA13 9PZ

Phone: +44 (0)1900 827800

Fax: +44 (0)1900 828073

Email: [email protected]


Auction Title: Sporting Goods Sale

Auction Date: October 8, 2010

Estimate £80 - £120

Description: An engraving, "The Monarch of The Glen". The original painted by Sir Edwin Landseer RA, engraved by Thomas Landseer, published on August 18 1862 by Henry Graves & Co. Print Sellers in Ordinary to Her Majesty and His Royal Highness Prince Albert, 6 Pall Mall. Below the title of the picture is a poem and to the bottom left hand side "M.M. Goupel & Co., Paris, Berlin and New York. 40.5 ins x 37.25 ins, in oak frame.


I hope this is helpful. Again I would contact Bonhams or Michells for a fuller appraisal. Bonhams has many locations at the following link. Please find the closest office to phone and connect to their specialist for a fine Landseer print. This is the best way to narrow the value.


Best wishes, Dori


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
very helpful. thank you