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C&A Appraisals (Randi)
C&A Appraisals (Randi), Antiques and Collectibles Researcher
Category: Antiques
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How much is my duck house heirloom doll worth?

Customer Question

how much is my doll worth? its a duck house heirloom doll. numbered 735/5000
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  C&A Appraisals (Randi) replied 6 years ago.

Dolls such as yours, even in limited editions, were intended for adults to collect, keep boxed or never played with for future collectible value. Unfortunately so many companies flooded the market with so many dolls, that the resale on these dolls today is very limited, usually selling for less than they cost originally. Here is a good link about Duck House limited dolls: (Copy and paste the link into a new browser window to go to the page).

Duck House Collectible Dolls

"These beautiful collectible, limited edition dolls are authentic Heirloom Editions from the Duck House Doll Collection. They are hand crafted from the finest porcelain and vinyl. Professional artists lovingly detail each doll. The life-like eyes and attention paid to details, in costume, skin tone and detailed hands makes these doll sets one of the finest additions to any collection. Most of the dolls come from a limited addition of 5,000. Each includes a certificate of Authenticity, and ID number located on Back of the Neck of each doll. Dolls come in a Duck House box. Several of the dolls have been discontinued so quantities are limited"

Above is what headlines the link and there are a number of dolls to compare with yours on the page in around the $30 range.
EBay has dolls of this type asking from $20-$45, most do not sell.

For insurance purposes, I would insure your doll for $60-$75. For resale, you can expect only around $30. I wish I had better news for you, but she is lovely and over time if passed down will eventually appreciate in value.