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Michelle, Antiques and Collectibles Researcher
Category: Antiques
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Experience:  30+ yrs. experience as an antiques dealer, collector, researcher, columnist and journalist.
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I have Madame Alexander dolls. Bought in the late 70's and

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I have Madame Alexander dolls. Bought in the late 70's and early 80's. Sizes 8", 11", &
14". Their in perfect condition with original boxes. Are they worth selling or not? I need the money but hate to part with them.
JoAnn Flick

Michelle :

Hello, Michelle here. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

Michelle :

MA dolls from the 1970's and 80's sell for about $30 each in the condition you mention. The exception would be a 'rare' doll of which I don't think any were created during this period of time.

Michelle :

If you do have 14" bride dolls they will bring around $50 each.

Customer: Is my collection of Madame Alexander dolls worth selling.
Michelle :

I am a doll collector and know how hard it can be parting with the dolls you love but due to finances I had to pare down my collection and the money I made took away any sadness I felt by selling them.

Michelle :

So if you can get a decent amt of money from selling them and you need the money I would say yes.

Customer: But I paid about $40 for the 8" dolls now their worth less. TEARS!
Michelle :

Yes, I know

Michelle :

My mom has antique French and German dolls that she paid a small fortune for and we cannot sell them for anywhere near what she paid for them.

Customer: I have the Presidents Ladies, about 12 of them. I paid a lot what are they worth?
Michelle :

What year are they from

Customer: Their a bit older, so beautifully detailed.
Michelle :

Dolly Madison was the first in the series that was put out in the mid 70's

Michelle :

It looks like, according to my reference book, that the first set of 6 dolls is selling for around $600 and the second set at $500

Michelle :

You can find them priced much higher on the Internet but it doesn't look like they are selling at the higher prices

Customer: I paid about $900 for the set. When will the market for collectors change?
Michelle :

The economy on most antiques and collectibles is so far down right now that I have taken the opportunity to close my online shop to revamp it. My sales in the past 9 months went from around $5,000 a month to 1 sale in 3 months.

Michelle :

If you were to set up a booth at a doll show you would probably get a pretty fair price for them

Michelle :

I hope that it all comes back soon or else I will have to find a new line of work.

Customer: Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX my stomach.
Michelle :

I know, early MA dolls have retained the value because they were not produced in massive numbers like they are today, or the past 30 years. Over production on anything will drive the price lower.

Michelle :

But MA dolls will come back with everything else, soon I hope.

Michelle :

You might take a look on eBay at the closed auctions and see if any are selling for decent prices. eBay is a good gauge of what is selling and what isn't.

Customer: My MA dolls were produced under Madame A. herself. The new dolls prices are much higher in the stores now.
Michelle :

She stepped out of the main business and took on an advisory role in 1985 and retired in 1988.

Customer: What is the best reference book for my dolls value?
Michelle :

There are several books on Madame Alexander dolls, I use a book for modern collectibles on the secondary market which tends to give a more realist view of what items are actually selling for. Price guides get their prices from auctions and retailer's so those prices are meant as a guide only and especially in a good economic climate.

Customer: Can you please give me a title of a book that I can refere to?
Michelle :

Madame Alexander Collector's Dolls Price Guide by Linda Crowsey

Michelle :

I think the last one to come out was around 2009

Customer: Thank you for your help!
Michelle :

Most large libraries or large chain bookstores will have one you can look through

Michelle and other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you