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I just purchased a Murano glass Bowl, signed by Sergio Costantini.

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I just purchased a Murano glass Bowl, signed by Sergio Costantini. It has a Murano clear sticker which is placed at the top of the inside part of the bowl, the sticker can be removed. The number on the sticker is 036.
The "Certificao Di Garanzia" does not look like a an authentic one. It's on a pink card, does not indicate the year it was made.
The store receipt description does not mention mention that it's a Murano Glass item.

Good Morning


Does your certificate look like this one, if so that is authentic,( does not mean someone did not have one to put with a bowl that may not be Murano ) it is normal to have a clear plastic sticker on the inside of the bowl that says. Murano on it. Also an authentic one that is signed will have the signature of Sergio Costantini on the bottom of the bowl.

These bowls are expensive, so I would be sure it has all of this on it, if it is not signed then I think I would go back to the store and ask them about this.


If I can be of any further help, please feel free contacting me. And if you would like to use me on any further questions, feel free putting my name ( Glenda ) in your question line, then I will be sure to get it. Look forward to working with you again.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank for your info. It was helpful, althouth seeing the inside of the Authonticate Card would me more useful. The sticker I have has the #036 but the card does not mention the numbr nor the date the piece was created. Nor was I able to locate it on the internet.
As far as accepting your Answer, I have 30 day free advice, if I click on "Accept Answer. I might be charged for it. Therefore, this issue is between you and the Just Answer Company. I really hope they pay you because you did a great job.
Thanks again.
PS: How much would I have been charged if I did not have the 30 day free trial?

By clicking accept you do not get charged anything, that simply means you accepted my answer and let's Just Answer know I did a good job and will relieve credit for it. It does in no way charge you for anything. Without you clicking accept , I will not get paid by Just Answer, they will not give me credit for working with you and doing a good job. Once again, clicking accept will cost you nothing.


The cost of questions is determined by what kind of question you ask, I am not sure of cost structure, it is determined I believe by what amount of information a person whats, such as just a value, or a value and history etc. You could probably email customer service and they can explain it better then I , I am not on that end of it.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes I am accepting your answer. However, can you please tell me if the Authonticate Card does not have the year it was made but only the year the artist was born, is this a problem? Also the card did not specifiy the item number. How can I check it out? (I tried the Promovetro web site but was not able to get to the site that lists list of member companies and furnace ID number.
I have no idea how much an original Murano bowl mesering about 19X14' is worth. I feel that I unerpaid if this is an original.
I appreciate your answer and will accept your answer.

Here is what the inside of the booklet looks like, the booklet does not give the item number. The price for this bowl is 250.00.






What the signature looks like on the bowl up close...



Glenda B. and other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you