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how do I know how much my majolica vase is worth. There is

Customer Question

how do I know how much my majolica vase is worth. There is a raised capital letter A on the bottom and the number 4 painted or glazed on the bottom?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Glenda B. replied 6 years ago.


Could you possibly send a picture of this , it would help identify the maker and value of it. here are instructions for sending several ways, be sure it is uploaded to your computer, in jpeg form, no larger then 1 mb. When you upload the picture you will be able to see it in this message box before you send it to me. If all else fails you can upload to your face book page and send me the link to the photo page here.





You can send a photo to me , in this message box, you will see at the top the little paper clip, click on that.

then click on browse, another box will open up

then click on browse in that box, this will take you to your photos on your computer,

you click on the one you want to send , then click on the picture ,

then click open, this will put it in the second box you opened,

then click ok, then you are back to the first box click on insert.

The picture will show up in the message area before you send it to me, you should be able to see it.


TinyPic is a good place to upload photos. You do have to have the images saved on your computer, but you can upload photos without having to register or give them any information.

1) Go to
2) The first thing you'll see is an upload page.
3) Click on "Browse".
4) Choose the image you want to upload.
5) Make sure the file type chosen is "Image".
6) In the "Resize" box, choose either "Website/Email" or "Message Board".
7) Click "Upload Now".

You'll see a verification box pop up. Just type in the words it shows and click "upload now". It might take a few minutes to upload.

Once it does, you'll be given 4 different viewing options.

Just copy either the addresses in the "URL for E-Mail & IM" or "Direct Link for Layouts" and paste the link into the message box.


Go to a free file hosting website such as,, and click on the Upload button. Then navigate to your file and select it, and click the Start Upload button. When the uploading has completed you will be given a link to download the file. Copy the link and paste it in your question, and the Experts will be able to click on the link to download the file.


Expert:  Kim D. replied 6 years ago.

I would be happy to help you evaluate your majolica. Some of these pieces are very valuable and very beautiful. It seems like Glenda opted out so I would be happy to step in. The number of potteries that produced majolica in Europe and the states was vast. Many of these potteries never marked their pieces and the marks you see are mold and size indicators. I could certainly estimate the value of a piece with an image as the value is in the unique detailing and variations not in the maker name as with other types of pottery.


Could you attach an image with the paper clip tool...or if the image is larger, use a free photo sharing site such as photobucket (my favorite as it seems to work best for me and patrons). Dori

Here are some simple directions of the photo sharing site option.


Upload your image to a free photo sharing site such as photobucket and then create an album. Return here and give me your non email user name and password and I can easily go to your album. PS User names must not be email passwords but a word or numbers as JA will not allow emails to be seen in these text boxes.