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With Android smart phone Samsung SG4, how do I prevent so

Customer Question

With Android smart phone Samsung SG4, how do I prevent so many aps from automatically starting up when I turn the smartphone on? How to keep them from restarting thereafter unless I expressly turn each one of them on? If I cannot keep so many aps from automatically starting when I turn the smart phone on, then what is one of the better aps to install which will quickly close all these aps and KEEP them closed / prevent them from turning back on later? (Optional if you happen to know: Outside of shameless self-interest, why do so many programmers of aps so arrogantly assume you want their ap started every time you turn your smart phone on and after turning off the ap, still want the ap to turn itself back on? Don't these programmers know they have made themselves total PESTS to the average user?)
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Android Devices
Expert:  Josh replied 10 months ago.


You can use an app called Greenify to stop apps from running on startup.

To answer your question regarding the developers -- A lot of developers/companies prefer your apps to run on startup so that they are being used constantly. The same thing happens with installing programs on a computer.

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