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I lost all my text messages two days ago. I picked up my

Customer Question

I lost all my text messages two days ago. I picked up my phone and the screen had "download unsuccessful". when I swiped the screen, all my text messages were gone for the past year and a half.I "copied and pasted" my files onto my computer because I just got a new phone. I didn't "back up" -- there's a difference.
I hadn't time to load any kind of back up onto my phone. I'm wondering if I can pick up the file from my computer, or temporary memory of some kind from my phone.What can I do to get my text files back? I've turned some functions of my phone off so I can only make emergency calls, but texting still gets thru because I don't know how to turn that off. wifi has been turned off. I have a BLU phone. I have not turned off my phone.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Android Devices
Expert:  Joel Kalman replied 1 year ago.

Hello. My name is ***** ***** I may be able to help you with your problem. Your text messages would not have been saved, even if you had installed a backup method onto your smartphone, There is no way to back up text messages, since they are not stored in a reserved area of memory. However, you may be able to recover them by installing recovery software on your computer. Since you have not turned your phone off and have not been using it, there is a good chance that the text messages have not been overwritten by your operating system. What is the operating system on your computer?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
my computer is running Windows 8, my cell phone is running Jelly Bean
Expert:  Joel Kalman replied 1 year ago.

I was not online yesterday, and I just got your message.

You can download this Wondershare for Android software and scan your smartphone for free to find deleted text messages. To recover the messages you will need to buy the software. There is a guide to show you how to use the software.

You will be connecting your smartphone to your pc via usb cable. In order for your computer to be able to see the data on your phone, the smartphone must be in usb debugging mode. Go to Settings > Developer Options and check USB Debugging. If Developer Options is hidden, go to Settings > About Phone and tap Build Number seven (7) times, until the phone displays a message telling you that you are in Developer Mode. Then go back to Settings > Developer Options, which will no longer be hidden, and check USB Debugging. If you need additional help, I can provide it as an Additional Service.

Here is the link:

Please let me know if this works for you.

If you are satisfied with my information and advice, please be sure to give me a Good or Excellent rating. If you are still having problems, please let me know. If you have any more questions, of if there is anything else I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service.