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I want to install an app which the main prerequisite is CWM

Customer Question

I want to install an app which the main prerequisite is CWM recovery
my device is rooted and has twrp recovery.
do I need to replace TWRP ? or can I just use what I have instead of CWM?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Android Devices
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 1 year ago.

Hello. My name is Michael. I can help you with your question.\

xposed should work with TWRP recovery. But if CWM is required on your device for some reason (if that is what is documented for the xposed framework), then I would flash CWM recovery.

Personally, I use TWRP, and I have used xposed with it, but I've never found the xposed framework to be terribly reliable or useful. Most mods that you can do with xposed, you can do without xposed, and with much less risk of causing problems on the phone. There are plenty of developers that will swear by the xposed framework, but I've always found it to be invasive - installing mods on your phone that you don't necessarily want there. One clear example I vividly remember is having problems browsing most sites for about a week before I found out that xposed had installed a very aggressive add-blocker (without the option nor documentation for the "feature). That's only one of many, many reasons I would carefully consider whether you need what xposed offers before installing it. Of course, if you're like many of us devs, it doesn't matter much if you mess up your OS because you've flashed the phone so many times, it becomes a 10 minute fallback procedure!

I would be surprised if the new version of xposed supports not using a de-odexed ROM, but it's possible that it does - I haven't checked recently.

So, to answer your question directly, it shouldn't really matter if you have TWRP or CWM recovery. You should be able to install it using either without a problem. But if there is documentation from the developer that contradicts this, let me know and I can take a look and let you know if it changes my advice.