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Michael Hannigan
Michael Hannigan, Developer
Category: Android Devices
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Experience:  25+ Years Experience in Computers and Electronics. Android Expert.
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My Motorola MOTO G EXT does not ring or vibrate when called.

Customer Question

My Motorola MOTO G EXT does not ring or vibrate when called. Is it defective or can that be crrected?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Android Devices
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 1 year ago.

Hello. My name is***** can help you with your question.

First, if you just purchased it and it is within the return., There is no question that I would return it immediately. I am not a big fan of things tha and and you will you. T do not work as expected out of the box – it makes me a little nervous for having future problems. But that is entirely up to you. When spending that kind of money, I want the best of the best.

And and now, if it's just a setting you should be of the correct that fairly easily. You can either go into the settings menu and then audio and set the settings for the various items one of which is ring tone and you should have a vibrate option there as well. The other way to adjust these volumes is to use the volume buttons when you're in the mode that needs to be adjusted. For example to change the volume of the bring your you would do that when the phone is in its regular resting state (waiting for a phone call). To adjust the voice volume, you can do that using the volume buttons while you are on a call. The volume buttons adjust to the context of the activity being performed.