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I been using the cheap t mobile and att flip phone because

Customer Question

hi I been using the cheap t mobile and att flip phone because our android phones got tap and using these flip phones to call and text but the same people got a hold of them by going through the 3g and or Bluetooth. we made it hard on them. now they got in we think by downloading apps game and other. this was a new number and before I had the new number I factory clear the phone always. but notice all these certificates being downloaded by them selves how can I or is their a way to get ride of these since they are on all the flip phones. our phones are being used for illegal things. thanks also she got a I phone 6 and some how was hacked probley when she was charging it up in the car and in a public place. which people say is how to hack it is that true. also phones all the androids and I phone 6 maybe and they are able to block calls, able to read texts, make it so we can't call each other only when they want us to. also using the phones for illegal things calls to Poland Russia other countries. also computers have been hack had to get off wi fi and go to hard wire place help thanks
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Android Devices
Expert:  ITPeter replied 2 years ago.

Hi there,

The only way your phone can get hacked or tapped is if the person has physical access to it, or if they trick you into installing malware on it, by clicking on a link in an email or such.

To ensure your phone has not been tapped or hacked, reset it to its default factory settings, and do not leave it out of your possession or click on any suspicious links.