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Eric, was looking at prior post on an android sylvania 7

Customer Question

hi eric, was looking at prior post on an android sylvania 7 tablet express w 2.2 loaded. I have issue with it loading and locking at the infotmic screen. It only has two buttons on back. power and menu. I tried all suggestions regarding using pin hole reset on back and no luck. Do you know the manual hard reset to factory procedure for this unit. SYTABEX7 - 2- 19058
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Android Devices
Expert:  Josh replied 2 years ago.
Hi! Turn off the tablet STEP 1 - Hold the device with a finger on the screen and fingers on the back "MENU" and "On/Off" keys.STEP 2 - Press and hold all three until device displays "infoTMIC" imageWhen the"Press the required keys if you want to apply a factory reset.System will reboot normally in X seconds..."is displayed ...STEP 3 - Release "MENU" and "On/Off" keys and immediately press the "MENU" keyThe device will then display the following screens in sequence without the need for any further key pressing."Getting recovery image""Extracting recovery data""Burning file sysyem ..." (Progress bar displayed)"Recovery OK!System will boot in XX seconds ..."infoTMIC logoSylvania logoSylvania animation"Touch crosshair to calibrate"