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How to send large file (350 MB) video via email attachment?

Customer Question

How to send large file (350 MB) video via email attachment? Video was taken on Android smart phone. Won't some kind of file compression be required to transmit? I want to upload video file from Gallery in Android to Cloud, then download from Cloud to laptop.
Then attach laptop file to email and di,,,,stribute. I'm not able to even upload to cloud (Dropbox) presently, I think because file is too big. What compression program or procedure is recommended?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Android Devices
Expert:  Josh replied 2 years ago.
VirtualDub is one of the easiest ways to compress a video file for email.
Take a look by CLICKING HERE
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Virtual Dub is for desktop (no app available) and my video is currently on my Android. After exploring Virtual Dub, I checked the Google Play store and found a video compression app, downloaded it, and am attempting to compress the 350 MB video as I write this. But it is taking a very long time. If I connected my Android to my Laptop directly via cord (versus upload to cloud and download to laptop which would require compression on Android, currently compression app running slow), could I transfer my video on Android to laptop without having to compress -- THEN compress with Virtual Dub when the video was on laptop -- and overall, save time (assuming Virtual Dub on laptop is faster than compression app on Android)...? If so, what would be a good app to transfer video file via hard line from Android to laptop?
Expert:  Josh replied 2 years ago.
I assumed that you wished to compress the file on your desktop then send it there. If you wish to do it that way, you can connect the phone to your computer and copy/paste it from your phone. You do not need a compression of the file from the phone to the computer through that method.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thus far, I've done all my transfers from Android to Laptop via cloud (DropBox). You say "copy/paste" from your phone to laptop but I'm not clear which program and which device (which is master? / which is slave?) to use to execute that transfer via hard line. Your guidance?
Expert:  Josh replied 2 years ago.
If you connect the phone to your computer via a USB cable, then you can copy/paste the files.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Update: I have successfully transferred the video from my phone to my laptop. I now attempted to compress the video using Virtual Dub and it gave me an error message, saying it did not recognize the file type. The file type is MP4. Does Virtual Dub not work with MP4? If not, can you recommend a different video compression program? Alternatively, is there a way I could upload the video to a location that could be reached via web link / URL? I'm not looking to post on You Tube for the entire world to see unless You Tube has a secure feature where only people with the correct pass code can view the video (it is nothing questionable, it's just a personal video message from a grandmother to her grandchildren which the world doesn't need to see, nor would they find it interesting.)
Expert:  Josh replied 2 years ago.
You can upload the file to and the other person needs the file id to download Try this compressor:
Expert:  Josh replied 2 years ago.
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