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James, Sr. Android Expert
Category: Android Devices
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my samsung galaxy S4 has continually got the "headphones connecte

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my samsung galaxy S4 has continually got the "headphones connected" symbol showing in the notifications bar, which in turn means i cant hear any ring tone or anyone talking on the other end when the call has been answered. i have checked that there isnt enything stuck in the headphone jack and it appears to be clear. What else should i look at?? Settings?

This is not a settings issue. The contacts inside the headphone jack are shorted out, which tells the phones a set of headphones is connected.
This can happen due to a tiny drop of water, humitity, a sliver of aluminum foil, etc.

The easiest way to clear and fix this issue is to blast a bit of air from a compressed air can into the headphone jack. You can get compressed air cans for a few bucks at any local office supplies store, Fry's, Office Depot, etc.
Just a short blast or two will clear the problem.

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