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Bryan, Customer Service
Category: Android Devices
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How to unpin items to make storage space available on Android

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How do I unpin items to make storage space available on my Android tablet?

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer! I would be glad to assist you with your issue today.

Are you trying to clear screen space or storage for files?

JACUSTOMER-sxmgt1e3- :
Screen I assume

JBryan42 :
Ok, so you have too many items on the screen and you just want to clear some away. This will not affect your overall memory space, only screen real estate. Is that what you want?

If you want both to remove the icon and recover the memory space (uninstall), I can guide you through that as well.

JACUSTOMER-sxmgt1e3- :
This is what's happening ... If I try downloading it will say insufficient storage unpin items to make storage space available

JBryan42 :
Ok. So yes, you do want the second option. You need to clear away both the icon and the memory space it uses. Can you tell me what type of tablet you have there?

JACUSTOMER-sxmgt1e3- :
I have a Samsung Galaxy 7

JBryan42 :
Alright great.

First you need to open the Google Play or Play Store. Then tap "My Apps" at the top of the screen. Find an app that you want to uninstall. Tap "Uninstall". And away it goes. :)

If you want to go deeper into it, you can even "root" your tablet and have the access to uninstall programs that Samsung installed as default. Of course, root also gives you the power to destroy your tablet if your not careful.

Do my instructions make sense?

JACUSTOMER-sxmgt1e3- :

JBryan42 :
Excellent! Ok, well if you run into any problems, just ask for me. Otherwise, have a great night! :)

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