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Jeremy, Technician
Category: Android Devices
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i have forgotten my unlock pin on my samsung galaxy ace

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i have forgotten my unlock pin on my samsung galaxy ace do i unlock it?
Hi my name isXXXXX would like to assist you with your question. I am an expert here on in the computer field.

How are you doing today?

There are 2 methods to unlocking the Ace if you have forgotten the unlock pattern.

The first is

After 5-6 attempts of failing the pattern there is a button that appears that says
Forgot Pattern

Tap on this


You will be asked to sign in using your gmail account email address and password (the account that you created or signed into when you first started using the phone)

If for some reason you do not know this information, the only other way to bypass this is to perform a reset (this will clear any stored data on the phone, your contacts may remain if they were stored on the sim card)

To perform the reset

  1. Power off the Ace
  2. Hold the volume down key
  3. Turn The Ace back on
  4. Using the volume down key, highlight Clear Storage and press the power key to select
  5. Press the volume up key

This will remove anything that was on the phone and will prompt you to create another pattern if you choose to. If you never want to use the pattern unlock again simply press cancel.


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If you have further questions or this does not solve your problem DO NOT yet press accept/rate and we will continue to troubleshoot until your problem is resolved :) Pressing Rate will end our conversation early.

My name is XXXXX XXXXX Thanks for choosing!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

its not a pattern,its a pin number 4 digits and i cant remeber it,but dont want to delete my pics which are stored on my phone.they mean alot to me.

Martine. Can you test something for me.

Click Install on this page. It may have you login to your Google Apps account.

After you do that give it around 2-3 minutes..

After the wait is up repeat the install button on this page

This may or may not work, let's try it. This will temporarily bypass the pin code. Once it has been bypassed you will still need to perform a reset on the device. This is just a means of being able to backup all the pictures.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Im trying to reset it as your first message instructed and its not doing anything,when te device turns back on the unlock pin screen comes up and no factory reset or anything,im trying very hard,im doing what you said to do and its not resetting or even prompting me to reset,same screen saying unlock phone and enter pin????

Martine did you have a chance to backup the photos?
Take a look at this Martine
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i done excatly what he has said and its still just coming up enter pin to unlock?? my god this is nuts,still same screen.


Are you continuing to hold the two buttons even after it has turned on? Keep holding them

When the phone is off hold both buttons down without releasing, keep holding even after you see the Samsung logo.

Let me know if that makes a difference.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

just done it all again and its still coming up enter pin to unlock,and at the top theres little pop ups that say scanning usb storage and also media scanning ect....makes no difference...just my normal start up screen.


Let's try this Martine

Take the battery out of the phone. Wait one minute and re-insert it

When it's still off

Press and hold the power and menu key at the same time. Continue holding for up to 30 seconds. Let's see if this does the trick :)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

oh my god its not working,still coming up the same...i cannot contact anyone :(...i wish could remember that 4 digit pin,ive been randonly putting numbers in all day......600 attempts its a joke!

Martine, let me re-open this question. It's not a lost cause do not worry about that :) we will figure out this problem. Do you mind standing by for a little longer while another expert researches your issue and joins us?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hey my fone has just opened up all of a sudden and now im in it im in my afraid to touch it in case i do something in my phone now.


It may have been the screen unlock program we used earlier. I would use extreme caution if that is the case. (Meaning when you reboot the phone it will relock)

Did you enter in a pin to unlock it or did it do it by itself?

If it did it itself then I would recommend backing up the pictures. Then doing a Factory Wipe.

I have a simple video for that :)

Thanks again for all your patience so far. Let me know what happens, I'll be standing by Sealed
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it come up all of a sudden. I have tried to change the pin code but is asking for a original pin.


How do I back it up???

Does it still let you navigate around?

  1. Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable, and it will show up as an external hard drive.
  2. It may pop up automatically on your computer once connected. If it does not click Start then choose Computer. Double Click the Phone
  3. Double click the the DCIM folder that appears. This folder contains your video and picture data.
  4. You can then drag and drop the pictures onto your desktop or other folder on the computer


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes i can navigaate around,i just uloaed all my pics to facebook just incase i lose them?.....thanks so muc for your continued help,this has been hard,just going to do the usb cable thing then i will let you know and hopefully its will be resolved...fingers crossed....

That sounds good to me Martine. I really appreciate all your patience in testing all my steps. Android can be a trick system when problems occur. They are in my opinion way better than Iphones though (I've always been a huge Android fan)

If you get stuck on anything reply to me and I will be here to guide you

If all goes well you can press the rate button below this reply and choose a rating for my help (an excellent service rating is most appreciated, trying to keep my near perfect feedback score)

Anytime you need any help, even if it is not Android related you can request me again. I am an expert in the Computer field, Android Field, Laptop field and more on here

Thanks again Martine


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi jeremy,right at the moment as it stands my phone wont let me factory reset it as it keeps asking me for my pin lol....but the app to bypass it is helping as the phone went into timeout and i pushed home button and it came straight back i will have to take it to samsung or phone them to get them to reset it.....thanks for all your help and i will definatley recommend you to anyone who needs help in the future,i mean that i had special pics and vids on my phone and you helped me massively.thankyou.x

No problem. Pictures are the most important thing to me also. I had an HTC 8925 that had got completely wet, nothing worked. I was so desperate I had pictures of our newborn on there. I ordered another 8925 for parts, spent a couple hours extracting the pcb board from one to the other, and got them off safely.

If you ever need anything just let me know. You have the patiences of a saint.

If you get a moment don't forget to rate my help :)

Thanks again

Jeremy and other Android Devices Specialists are ready to help you