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derrickonline, Info. Tech. Mgr.
Category: Android Devices
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I have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S111 mobile phone and

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I have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S111 mobile phone and have 3 questions I would like advice on please:-

1. Why does my screen go dim when I go onto the internent, otherwise I have a lovely bright and clear screen to look at and this is getting annoying. All my settings for the brightness are turned right up.

2. I would like to no if I have to delete the items listed on the Task Manager or does that delete these items for good.

3. On the large Weather App on the Home page I have a number 1 inside a small sun, could you let me know what this means please.




I'd be more than happy to assist you.

1. Your screen is most likely going dim when you're reading a web page but not actively clicking around. It's sort of a time-out feature. You can adjust this under SETTINGS, DISPLAY there should be an auto brightness setting, or a display timeout setting.

2. The task manager stops programs running in memory. It won't delete software fro your phone, it just kills it so to speak. If your phone gets sluggish you can go in and kill old apps that you were using earlier but are no longer using. Android phones have pretty good memory management built-in, but sometimes you need to manually kill an app. That's all it does, it just kills the app, doesn't uninstall or remove from your phone.

3. The large 1 means your app is trying to get your location for weather but there was an error. You can allow this app to pull your current weather based on your location, or just enter the app and set your zip code. The 1 is most likely an indication that your exact location wouldn't be honed in on and it's using another method to determine your location (i.e. cell phone tower triangulation etc) and thus has an idea of your location but not the exact pin pointed location.

The Galaxy S III is a brand new phone but the questions you've asked also applied to the Galaxy S II version. So while I'm telling you where to go to adjust settings that's based on the Galaxy S II version so you may have to sort of read between the lines as the exact verbage/labels may be slightly different.

To adjust the Weather app, you should be able to click the weather icon. Once it launches, click the MENU button to access the settings of that app, change the GPS or option to get weather based on your location and try entering your zip code instead.

I see you weren't happy with my answer. Can you tell me what you are unhappy with?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Derrick,

I'm afraid I had already tried out your suggestions and I'm thinking perhaps its the phone that has these quirks as you said the previous Galaxy had some issues.

The GPS on my phone has my exact location so don't think the small number 1 in a small sun symbol is that.

The dimmed screen when on the internet I fear I'll just have to live with, at least its working, I had already amended the brightness.

Also thank you for the info on the Task Manager.

I don't pass any blame onto yourself as I have already said I think the phone has some issues being new.



Thank you. When you don't select a smiley face, then it brings down my feedback and means you're not happy with my answer.

So please give me an opportunity to improve your experience if that's possible. You're rating based on the helpfulness of my answer not necessarily whether the issue can be resolved or not.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

OK sorry didn't realise that the 'faces' were on you rather than me getting the queries I had about my phone sorted.

Right how do I get back to the 'faces' so I can correct this please.

Thank you! You should receive another email regarding my answer.
derrickonline and other Android Devices Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for your help which was answered very clearly.

Excellent Angela, we hope you'll return in the future should you have additional questions.