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I have a Samsung 7” tablet that was purchased from T-Mobile.

Customer Question

I have a Samsung 7” tablet that was purchased from T-Mobile. I have contacted both Samsung and T-Mobile to try to get an updated OS for this device, but can not get anything from either one. I get pushed off from one to the other saying it is up to the other to provide a software update. There are other users on T-Mobiles site that have the same issue and anything I could find out I will gladly pass on to help them also. There are some features on the new OS that I and others would like to have installed. Can someone please help! I use this device for my business on a daily basis and any help would be greatly appreciated. The device information is listed below.

Samsung 7” Galaxy Tab
Model: SGH-T849
Firmware: 2.2
Kernel Version: [email protected] #1
Build Number: FROYO.UVJJB
Carrier: T-Mobile

Can someone let me know the following questions:
1. What is the most current OS that can be installed on my tablet?
2. Where can I find the software and directions to install it?
3. Is there any known issues that need to be addressed after the software is installed.
4. Is there a modem driver that needs to be installed in order for the data package to work?

Thank you for your time and look forward to a reply. My email address is:
[email protected] [email protected]

David Duncan
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Android Devices
Expert:  derrickonline replied 5 years ago.

1. Your running the latest officially support version of Android for your tab.
2. There is an unofficial version for GSM tabs, but I'm not sure if you ned to have a T-Mobile specific version or not so I would read and proceed with caution. [ CLICK HERE ]
3. Any time you install something not officially supports, you'll need to read and be aware of al possible issues. I'm not actually positive the link I provided is even supported on the T-Mobile unit. However it does state GSM versions. I would post the question about whether or not that Gingerbread update is T-Mobile Galaxy Tab supported. If that info is not already listed in the thread.
4. See above.

David, remember you're running one of the first Android tablets to officially be sold. In a sense it was half-baked. Samsung and a few others wanted to quickly compete with Apple's iPad. They got tired of waiting for Google to release a tablet ready Android OS, so they tweaked an existing version of Android use on phones then released their tablet.

Later Google developed what's known as Android 3.0, Honeycomb. Then HTC, Samsung, Motorola all rushed to have a proper tablet. Because of the interim release of the tablet you received, don't expect Honeycomb (Android 3.0) or even Gingerbread support. Neither the carrier nor the manufacturer wants to flat out say, it's not going to happen our that could cost them in future. You might not consider buying a Samsung product going forward. Easier to just place the blame.

In place of an official upgrade, XDA is one of the biggest mobile hacking websites out. They will rip operating systems and make them work with various devices. Hence the link I provided you.