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I need to convert three files from .jar to .apk. These do

Customer Question

I need to convert three files from .jar to .apk.
These do not work
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Android Devices
Expert:  Answers by Eric replied 5 years ago.

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I am going to take a wild guess here. You were sold Cell Control, and were told all you have to do is convert it to an APK file and it would work?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Pretty common
Expert:  Answers by Eric replied 5 years ago.


Not overly common, I just knew when you described it. Give me a few moments as I want to type out a long explanation to you, so you understand my answer as I give it to you.



Expert:  Answers by Eric replied 5 years ago.

You're not going to like this... but its the truth none the less, so its what you deserve.


Its NOT as easy as just converting it those files and installing them on an Android phone. Cell Control and the other companies have a habit of telling their customers that just to get a sale. They also are very good with pre sales support to convince you to buy it and promise you it will work fine once you convert it, no problem.



You can't just convert a jar file to an apk, and Android does NOT run or install jar files. It has to be compiled for Android. Android's java library doesn't have all the swing stuff that's in normal java, so the app would have to be completely re-written to work on android.


There's a reason they(Cell Control / Bloover / WatchMe / etc.) dont just convert the files themselves and sell the apk file(an apk file is an app installation for Android). The reason they dont just convert it and sell it themselves is they know it doesn't work after conversion. Think about it, if it could be converted, they would do it and just sell you the APK file. They simply want you to buy the program, once they sell it to you they dont care if it works or not.



There is a company called "UpOnTek" ( that if you send them the jar/java files they will send you back an APK file for you Android device. Thats your best option to get Cell Control as an apk. But, it's still not guaranteed to work properly (and I dont even recommend it, but I feel I should give you all options so I can say my answer was thorough).


Android is designed to thwart spyware, and to not allow it which is why you wont find any of the spyware companies selling you Android files directly.





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