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Getting Kubota started after running out of fuel Bobcat 334G

Customer Question

Getting Kubota started after running out of fuelBobcat 334G (2006) Excavator.Problem:
- Ran machine out of fuel. Tried starting a few times before realizing fuel was out (gauge is off).
- Filled fuel tank completely.
- Would not start right away.
- I opened the bleed valve next to the injector pump (return valve?) and kept cranking and it started.
- I screwed down the bleed/return valve again and the machine stalled.
- Now it really wouldn't start.
- We blew into the tank and bled the lines. Machine started.
- Drove the machine about 100ft and it powered out and stalled.
- Tried starting again and no luck.
- It appears that there is no voltage going to the fuel shut-off solenoid. I had it bench tested and it works.
- The fuses and relays work.
- The fuel filter had crap in it (possibly from running tank dry). Filter has been replaced.
- Tried starting with the fuel shut-off solenoid removed and still nothing.
- It seems like the fuel is not getting through to the injectors.
- Current error codes are 13-07 (solenoid is off) and 22-02 (starter feedback).12 July 2016 08:30
If I put the solenoid back on the 13-07 and 22-02 errors disappear.I bled the fuel system to the injector rack, but it does not seem that cranking gets fuel from the bottom of the injection rack/pump to the top of the rack. Again, I tried with solenoid both on and off.I have attached an image showing some bolts on the rack that I loosened and fuel came out of them when I pumped the primer bulb, and when I turned over the Bobcat.The image also shows where I cracked the fuel lines on the top of the rack, and no fuel comes out when priming (normal I'm guessing) or when turning over. Again, with or without solenoid attached.Need to get this thing running.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Agriculture and Farm Equipment
Expert:  Dan replied 1 year ago.

Hi Chris. My name is***** test purposes apply 12V to the shutoff solenoid and verify it the engine starts with no troubles and check for a loss of fuel pressure using a mechanical gauge and clear hose/sight glass. If no loss of fuel or bubbles from restrictions or leaks and the fuel shutoff is okay there should be good fuel delivery when cracking loose the injection lines. It will spray rather than trickle out. If your fuel supply and shutoff test good. Let me know

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hey Dan,I missed this email. I was able to get fuel to the bottom of the injection pump. I did have to replace my lift pump. However, the injection pump is not pushing fuel to the top. I have verified the solenoid functions properly.I have brought the injection pump in for inspection and am awaiting a diagnosis. Upon visual inspection, the injection pump mechanic seemed to think it looked like it was operating properly.