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John Oliver
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Deere 6155 - 30 hours. Running a disk yesterday -- tractor

Customer Question

John Deere 6155 - 30 hours. Running a disk yesterday -- tractor working great. Stopped for dinner and went back out to plow. Was dark. Started tractor back up --- and when I started turning on the lights, they went quickly out and motor shut down. After a bit, the tractor will immediately start and run for about 5 seconds and shut down. There are no indicators lit on the control panel / dashboard indicating what the problem might be. In fact there is nothing working except for a small green line with a bit of red onto bottom. Air conditioning works, radio, works. Blinkers and lights do not. But motor only runs for about 5 seconds and shuts down. Think it might be a fuse - but how do you tell which one??? Or could it be something else.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Agriculture and Farm Equipment
Expert:  John Oliver replied 1 year ago.

good morning my name is ***** ***** you still need assistance with this?

Expert:  John Oliver replied 1 year ago.

are you all set with this? if so ill close out the case . if not I'm here to help