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Dan, Technician
Category: Agriculture and Farm Equipment
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Experience:  17+ yrs. shop and field experience with all major brands of heavy equipment, trucks and farm equipment - 1995 WyoTech graduate.
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Why does the hydraulic warning light and tone come on shortly

Customer Question

Why does the hydraulic warning light and tone come on shortly after I step on the clutch of my 8450
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Agriculture and Farm Equipment
Expert:  Dan replied 1 year ago.
Hi Warren, My name is***** will be glad to try to help. If there is not overheat or other operational problems and the oil level is good and the filter is clean and not restricted, it could be the result of an old service bulletin that was out on these for faulty sensors or harness problems. Here is the info:Solution Number: 21353Solution Summary: SIB-RW-R85-40-5 Clutch Temp Sensor Removal - RC50 & 4WD50Publication Date: Jan 23 2003**Paper copies of solutions may not be the most current solutions** <<Ref SIB R86-20-6 on head temp sensor>> <<RC not in SIB above.>> Information: Beginning 04 Feb 85, the cylinder head temperature sensor and clutch temperature sensor have been removed. In addition, warning system modules have the clutch temperature indicator (a) removed from the lower left-hand corner (b). Parts: New warning system module is RE22166. The earlier warning system module (RE11018) will remain for use on earlier tractors. Additional information: Cylinder head temperature and clutch temperature sensors were removed from 50 series 4WD tractors beginning with the following tractor serial numbers:8450........(5186 - ) <<4050........(5658- )8650........(7314 - ) 4250........(9793- )8850........(6060 - ) 4450........(20011- ) 4650........(11128- )<<see SIB diagrams>> 4850........(9093- )>> To eliminate clutch temperature sensor:1. Cut sensor wire leads as close as possible to sensor.2. Splice wires cut off at sensor together with a crimp connector or by twisting and taping. Important: Sensor wires to SMU must be connected together to prevent a false warning light on dash. Note: Crimp connector can be filled with silicone sealant or a dielectric grease such as AT66865 to prevent corrosion. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1. When RE12183 clutch. temp sensor is removed, install R27094 plug and R26286 "o" ring, 84/86/8850.2. When AR103520 cyl head sensor is removed, install 15H584 plug, 8650.3. When RE10691 or AR105414 is removed, no plugs are required, 8450 and 8850.4450, 4850, 8650, 8450, 4250, 4050, 8850, 4650HOT, HEAD, SWITCH, CLUTCH, TACHOMETER, FAIL, LIGHT, OIL, BROKEN, VALVE, HOUSING, JDM HYD, ENG, JDM PT, JDM ELEC, F1805, F0409, F0308, F1606 Solution Number: 22220Solution Summary: SMU Modification/Clutch Temp & Head Temp Removed/Trans Lube & Eng Oil PSI Switch W/O Voltage Regulator 50 RC & 4WDPublication Date: Jan 16 2003**Paper copies of solutions may not be the most current solutions** Since the clutch temperature sensor and the head temperature switch are being deleted on the row crop tractors, it is necessary to modify the SMU to allow it to function properly with the phase III wiring. There will have to be (2) sets of service parts carried. One set will service row crop and 4WD built with the clutch temperature and head temperature sensors. The other set will service all row crop and 4WD tractors built since the removal of the sensors. In all cases a "set" means parts for domestic tractors and parts for export tractors. Effective 27 Jan 86 Tractor s/n Tractor s/n Tractor s/n 4050 6593 4250 11454 4450 22782 4650 12905 4850 10284 8450 5535 8650 8068 8850 6536The deletion of the sensors requires that the artwork for the lamps be changed. It also requires that the electronics be "fooled" because there will be no sensors tied to the inputs. The current level from the SMU to the fuel level sender was increased to improve the reliability of the sender. Pin #6 has been modified to supply a regulated 5 volts to the oil pressure sender. The present RE12175 pressure sensor incorporates a 5 volt regulator for stand alone 12 volt operation. The regulator in the sensor is to be removed for cost and reliability improvement. The required 5 volts is now available through the SMU on pin #6 which has been vacated with the removal of the clutch temperature sensor. This change will require a new part number for this part. To differentiate between the new sensor and RE12175 the connector halves on the harness and sensor are reversed. For tractor above effective S/N's use the following parts:RE23388 SMU monitor exportRE23438 SMU monitor reman<< RE23385 newRE24559 engine oil pressure sensorRE24559 transmission lube pressure sensor (4WD)4450, 4850, 8650, 8450, 4250, 4050, 8850, 4650ENG, PRESSURE, PIN, OIL, POWER, HOT, TRANSMISSION, CLUTCH, SWITCH, LUBE, LIGHT, FUEL, COLD, JDM ELEC, F1805, F1606 Solution Number: 22993Solution Summary: Hyd Oil Temp And Coolant Temp Light Intermittent - Circuit Breaker FailedPublication Date: Jan 31 2003**Paper copies of solutions may not be the most current solutions** SYMPTOM: Customer complaint of intermittent hydraulic oil temp light and/or engine coolant temp light coming on. Whenever dealer worked on tractor, everything worked fine. The customer told the dealer that it was an electrical problem since the tractor was not hot when it happened. PROBLEM: The AR70052 10 amp circuit breaker partially failed. SOLUTION: Change circuit breaker.4450, 4850, 4250, 4050, 4650ENG, TACHOMETER, WIRE, OIL, BROKEN, FUSE, ERRATIC, STOP, COOLANT, SWITCH, LIGHT, CONTROL, HYD, ENG, JDM ELEC, F1606
Expert:  Dan replied 1 year ago.
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