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Kevin, Technician
Category: Agriculture and Farm Equipment
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Experience:  Over ten years of expirence in Ag Electronics and Hydraulics
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I have a if 4230 and 1st and 2nd gear doesn't work you can

Customer Question

I have a if 4230 and 1st and 2nd gear doesn't work you can feel a little chatter any ideas
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Agriculture and Farm Equipment
Expert:  Kevin replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is ***** ***** I can help you with your question.

Both 1st and second gear utilize the same top shaft shift collar and linkage. I have a few questions so that I might better understand the problem.

Can you still feel a detent when you put the transmission into 1st or 2nd gear or does it feel like it doesn't quite get there?

Did the problem come on all of a sudden or has it slowly been getting more difficult to get shifted into 1st or 2nd?

Let me know when you get time and I will do my best to help you narrow down the source of the problem.



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I bought the machine with the problem,you can feel some chatter in the one and two but very little. third and fourth acks like linkage problem hard to engage.
Expert:  Kevin replied 1 year ago.

My suggestion would be to start by disconnecting the shift linkage on the side of the transmission. With the shift linkage removed you can now shift the transmission using the external shift arm (on a flat surface with the engine off). You should feel a crisp detent for all gears. If third and forth are still stiff or 1st and 2nd have a good detent then the problem is most likely the transmission top shaft shift collars, synchronizers, and snap rings are worn.

If all the detents feel normal shift the transmission to 1st gear using the external arm and put the shift lever in 1st gear. The Linkage should line up easily and snugly. Much of the time the linkage gets worn and ignored however over time the linkage not completing a shift will damage the shift collars and synchronizers. It is important that there not be a lot of slop in the shift linkage itself.

Let me know what you are seeing as I will gladly assist you with further diagnostics as needed.