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Re-9650 deer combine-i would like to know the simpl way to

Customer Question

Re-9650 john deer combine-i would like to know the simpl way to change the feeder housing upper sprockets and upper and lower bearings and put on a new feeder chain--do i dismount the pickup table or just the header away from the cylinder--Bob
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Agriculture and Farm Equipment
Expert:  Kevin replied 1 year ago.

Hi Bob, my name is ***** ***** I can help you with your questions.

There are two ways to go about replacing the upper shaft bearings and sprockets, one way is to remove the feeder house from the machine or pull the upper shaft out the bottom. Both methods require that the head not be attached. Most of the time we only remove the feeder house when the rasp bars or concave need servicing otherwise it is faster to leave the feeder house attached. The following steps outline how to go about replacing the upper shaft sprockets and bearings with out removing the feeder house.

  1. Remove the j hooks from the feeder house conveyer chain or loosen nuts all but the last couple threads.
  2. Rotate the feeder house chain until the master links are accessible from the top of the feeder house.
  3. Back the feeder house conveyer chains off to slacken the chain.
  4. Using two small ratchet straps strap the upper portion of the feeder house conveyer chain to the top of the feeder house frame and ratchet tight. Use the other ratchet strap to hold the bottom half of the conveyer chain to the top.
  5. Remove the master links as chain will be held within reach by the previously installed ratchet straps.
  6. Loosen the two bolts holding the side stripper plates in place and remove them.
  7. Remove the lower bolts that retain the outside two large stripper plates.
  8. Remove the feeder house drive chain and slip clutch assembly.
  9. Loosen the set screws retaining the outside two conveyer drive sprockets and drive them towards the middle about 2" (you may need to pry the outside stripper plates up for shoulder on sprockets to clear).
  10. Remove bolts from bearing holders on both sides and use a pry bar to push the left side bearing about 1/4" towards the middle of the feeder house, this will disengage the bearing holder form the outside casting.
  11. Raise the feeder house all the way up and drop rear slide door down.
  12. Carefully push the upper feeder house top shaft towards the right side of the combine and then down and out the hole. You will see there is a notch in the left side casting for the end of the shaft to clear.
  13. While the top shaft is out make sure you replace the upper feeder house conveyer chain poly guides.
  14. Install the new sprockets on the upper shaft and install in opposite order.
  15. Use medium strength lock tite on the sprocket set screws. Do not tighten set screws in place until the master links have been installed in the chain as the chain is used to center the sprockets in place.
  16. Install the master links and adjust sprockets as needed then torque in place.
  17. Roll the master links back to the bottom of the feeder house and remove the front contour plate or front cover pieces.
  18. Remove the master links and push the chain behind the drum.
  19. Remove the lock bolts on the conveyer chain adjuster, make sure you don't loose the bushing and washer on the inside.
  20. Pull the drum out the front of the feeder house and service as needed.
  21. Install the rebuilt drum and connect the new conveyer chain to the old chain using the old master links.
  22. Pull the new feeder house conveyer chain into the feeder house by pulling on the top and feeding the new chin in the bottom.
  23. Always use new master links when installing a conveyer chain.

Removing the feeder house often takes longer if only upper sprockets and drum rebuild is needed. If the feeder house is going to be off any way for rasp bars or concave then replace the top shaft bearings at the same time.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Kevin-- im going to change the rasp bars--does this change the above--Bob
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Kevin can you also give me the torque for the rasp bar bolts
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Cel.(###) ###-####
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please us the cel
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Will not need a phone call--could Kevin answer the two questions by e-mail--Bob
Expert:  Kevin replied 1 year ago.

Hi Bob,

My apologies on the delayed response, I work full time and try to help out with Just Answer in the evenings.

If you plan to replace the rasp bars then I would highly recommend removing the feeder house. The process is fairly simple, the following steps will walk you through the removal process.

  1. Remove the hose retaining brackets from the left and right side of the feeder house and pull the hoses and wiring harness up and out of the pockets ahead of the pivot hinge of the feeder house. You can then throw the hoses and harness up on the drive tires to get them out of the way.
  2. Disconnect the reverser cable from under the cab and lay it on top of the feeder house.
  3. Disconnect the parking brake cables from under the cab and pull the cables down through the pivot pocket.
  4. Use a fork lift, loader with forks, or large stable loader bucket pushed tight to the feeder house. Use two separate chains looped through the pockets the hoses were recently pulled out of and anchored to the highest or closest to inline point on your bucket or forks.
  5. Remove the pins from the front of the lift cylinders.
  6. Loosen but do not remove the two large clamp bolts that retain the feeder house to the machine.
  7. Tilt the forks or bucket back and back away just enough to see that you can safely lift the feeder house off the pivot castings.
  8. Once verified stable remove the retaining hardware and back away from the machine, block the feeder house up to stabilize prior to working on removal of top shaft.

Just a note, you may want to roll the feeder house conveyer chain around so that the master links are at the top prior to removing the feeder house from the machine.

Torque the new rasp bars to 85 ft lbs.

Please keep me posted if I can be of any further assistance.



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Kevin with the two bolt rasp bars --is their a easy way to put them on-the other inf sounds good -Waiting for parts--Bob
Expert:  Kevin replied 1 year ago.

If you are installing the old two bolt style rasp bars then the torque is actually 51ft lbs. I'm a bit surprised that you can still find the old two bolt bars as they have not been in production for at least 10 years now. As far as installing the rear bolts we always used a long 1/2" extension to reach through from the front to torque the rear bar. When using a long extension the torque needs to be 55 ft lbs.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.