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I have a Ford TW 20 farm tractor. It is 2 wd, with

Customer Question

I have a Ford TW 20 farm tractor. It is 2 wd, with cab. I parked it one night and tried to use it the next day and it would not clutch out of gear. Infact the tractor would not stop until I shut it off. I have looked a few things over and down loaded the transmission/clutch diagram from new Holland. I seem to have a clutch, but it won't let the tranny stop turning to put it in gear. I adjusted the clutch linkage and that didn't help. If I run the tractor, and take the hi/low gear shifter in natural, then I can put the gear shifter in what ever gear I want, but then I can not get the hi/low shift in either (the gears keep on a turning). I have the access plate off the floor board of the tractor now and I see everything. The clutch linkage is connected and works. Where do I start to find this issue. The clutch had not given me any problems before now and it hasn't slipped like it was going bad.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Agriculture and Farm Equipment
Expert:  dd85 replied 2 years ago.
When you press down on the clutch pedal, how much resistance do you have? does the resistance change about 1 inch down? or 3 inches down? It sounds like the clutch pedal linkage is not adjusted correctly. If you would remove the rod clevis at the bell housing, then move the clutch release lever by hand until you feel it against the throw out bearing. adjust clevis/linkage to fit lever position. the back off until you have 1 inch before it contacts the throw out bearing.What I have see happen is a pressure plate finger break and then the clutch will not release. .
Expert:  dd85 replied 2 years ago.
How did these things look?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
There is definately something else going on. It seem to me that the clutch was stuck against the flywheel and would not release for what ever reason. I had my ex new holland mechanic set the clutch and we did get it working and it did that once more. I adjusted the clutch linkage again and it is working better but I'm not sure I solved this problem. I have plenty of clutch and travel on the pedle which may be what it takes to make it work. I could have used some pictures and other details when you give an answer like what parts might specifically be an issue. I know you can't see it physically and it is difficult to know everything about theses units. If you come across something let me know but for the time being real careful how I shift and what I do
Expert:  dd85 replied 2 years ago.
Now that I know here is a parts picture .
Expert:  dd85 replied 2 years ago.
and here is from the Operators manual how to set clutch pedal free play
Expert:  dd85 replied 2 years ago.
Here is a picture of the throw out bearing, bearing carrier ref 31 , release fork ref 27 , cross shaft ref 26 The bearing (parts picture ref 32 )is what goes against the peressure plate finger ref 39 (there are 3 of them) to push against the springs ref 36 ,to release the clutch disk ref 45. I have seen the ref 31 noot slide smoothly and bind up, but then the pedal will not go all the way down. Since it is every once in a while, I am still thinking one of the fingers ref 39 is worn down and the carrier or throw out bearing is not running completely straight. Then when in just the wrong position of rotation the bearing has no finger to push on to release.