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Category: Agriculture and Farm Equipment
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I have a 4255 that had a indicator light flash up for hydraulic

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I have a 4255 that had a indicator light flash up for hydraulic filter. Had a guy come out and change filters,fluids and clean the screens. At the same time the clutch got to where it wouldn't disengage. Even with this all gears were still working in tractor and it has never slipped. The guy checked the pump today and said that appeared to be working. Now he suspects that the plates in the clutch pack could be stuck together because of lack of fluid but really not sure. What is your thought on this?
Hi my name isXXXXX will try to help. If any metal/debris, burnt/discolored oil, etc was found in the oil and filters then there is a sure sign of pump or other internal problems. If this tractor is equipped with the MFWD then "perform this simple test to verify that it is working properly. Engage the MFWD and drive the tractor at about 4 or 5 miles per hour on a hard surface such as concrete. Turn the wheel fully to the left or right, engage the clutch and allow the tractor to coast to a stop. Then, turn the MFWD switch off and note what happens. The front of the tractor should jerk sideways somewhat, which occurs when the MFWD clutch releases and allows the tension in the front differential and drive-line to be released. If this doesn't happen, the problem could be a simple electrical fault or it could be damage in the differential or MFWD clutch itself not allowing the clutch to engage OR disengage. The MFWD clutch is spring applied and hydraulically released and generally the problem is in the electrical circuit that controls the flow of oil to the clutch pack"( Also when checking your hydraulic pump pressure you should see 2300-2500PSI. Reply back and let me know the results and if you need further help with this and ill be glad to help.
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