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My trunk won't open on my '06 Acura TL. I've had this issue

Customer Question

my trunk won't open on my '06 Acura TL. I've had this issue before, used the manual release by accessing through the interior of the car, and replaced the latch - problem solved. No such luck this time. Pressing the "trunk open" button on the key fob causes an audible attempt for the latch to open. I can even see the latch trying to move from the inside. I've tried to slide the latch manually open with no luck. I've pulled on the manual release cord with no luck. I've switched the "valet" on/off switch in the glove box and tried everything in both positions to no luck.
Any ideas on what to try or what the issue could be?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Acura
Expert:  acramstr replied 1 year ago.

Welcome to Just Answer My name is***** here to help you with your problem. We see this from time to time and its not an easy fix unfortunately. One of 2 things usually happens. Either something got between the latch and the stryker when the trunk was closed or the spring that pulls the release lever inside the latch broke. What you will need to do is use a long screwdriver to pry the cover off the latch and push the lock cam up to release the latch. This isn't very easy to do but it can be done. Here is a youtube video of a guy fixing an accord latch it is similar to yours ant about !:30 he shows the plastic cover you need to pry open and the lever that releases the cam is under it.

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