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Recently my 02 tl type s radiator had a minor crack in the

Customer Question

recently my 02 tl type s radiator had a minor crack in the top of radiator and noticed it only cuz it had been spraying under hood on motor ( greyish dots ..assuming stop leak or just old cooling components from prior owner ) my temp has been fine and fan has been working and temp seemed normal .so I slowed it down till payday with plastic repair ontop ..but still seemed strange that I wasn't loosing much water outta resivour so made me worry but temp kept saying normal halfway point and no engine light..hoses seemed lil dry when squeezing but ive never touched them prior everything seemed normal as I had a heat but now I changed radiator and it doesn't seem to be circulating or thermostat isnt opening maybe a slight blockage or temp sensor ( which didnt look good and probably my frustration caused wires to come out of clip maybe I got something wet when pulling radiator out it was a mess as well if it started raining ..but that was the last thing I did after car was off ) or ju
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Acura
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
shoot jus seen could take within a day hoping soon asap as I cant even sleep and gotta work in morning and borrowing a car..surprised im paying for this service but hopefully a cpl tips can help as ive read so many different opinions about bleeeding air system ..drain from block need ..heater on ..heater in no fan ac fan works btw ..hope fan and switch didnt throw ya for a curve as those are items I touched so possible I caused that lol no mechanic but I was patient the first cpl hours. ..
Expert:  Steve replied 2 years ago.

I am trying to understand what you have written. Sounds like your main concern is bleeding the air out.

First to answer why the reservoir did not change much. When there is a crack or leak in the system there is no pressure build up. Pressure and heat makes the coolant expand and when cooling a slight vacuum is created which would cause the coolant to flow from the reservoir into the radiator. This can not happen with a leak.

Doing the repair yourself, if you have the front of the car raised off the ground you can run it until the fans come on and then after it cools remove the cap and top up the radiator. You might have to do this a couple times but it will cause the air to raise to the top of the radiator.

You may not see coolant flow through the radiator which is normal and running it with the cap off coolant will overflow from the radiator as the car warms up. If you make sure the radiator and reservoir are full when cold you should be fine.