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MDX: After not using my 2003 MDX (140,000 miles)

Customer Question

After not using my 2003 MDX (140,000 miles) for about a month while out of town I discovered that after starting as usual, the gear shift lever (automatic, console shifter) was very stiff. It was difficult to get into reverse and it took substantial force to get it into drive. The transmission didn't seem to even engage in a forward gear until it was in the second drive setting. Once engaged, the transmission and driving the vehicle seemed fine. After a couple of uses, the shifter is moving somewhat easier. This seems like it is linkage related, possibly wear plus corrosion? Any thoughts about what this might be and what I can do to correct it? I'm fairly adept with tools and automobile mechanics.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Acura
Expert:  MASTER TECH replied 2 years ago.
Hello I am master tech and will be able to assist you. your suspicions are correct the issue we see with cars in high humidity and road salt and snow is the shift cables rust up inside the housing. replacing the cable and lubing all the pivot points at the linkage arm when replacing the cable will correct this issue
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
How do I go about doing this?
Expert:  MASTER TECH replied 2 years ago.
are you going to do this work your self ?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, that is my intention. I was expecting some expert advice in how to proceed not just agreement with my diagnosis. Thanks.
Expert:  MASTER TECH replied 2 years ago.
ok give me a few minutes to load the directions
Expert:  MASTER TECH replied 2 years ago.
here is the directions it's pretty simple to do.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Can you give me some advice on removing the console without KTC trim tool set 8OJATP2014?
Expert:  MASTER TECH replied 2 years ago.
use something plastic. I know harbor freight sells a panel trim tool set for around 7.99
Expert:  MASTER TECH replied 2 years ago.
they say use that so it does not scratch the trim is all .but if your careful with a small pocket screw driver then you will be fine. on a side note disconnect the shift cable at the transmission and then recheck the cable. make sure it has the same amount of resistance. just to make sure it's not a weird shit housing on the console which happens when things are spilled and over years it will have the same affect.
Expert:  MASTER TECH replied 2 years ago.
just checking in to see how your coming along on this task.