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Integra: My 1990 Integra tail lights won't turn off.

Customer Question

My 1990 Integra tail lights won't turn off. If I do nothing, the battery will die and I'll have to have it towed to my mechanic in the morning. To avoid that and be able to drive it to my mechanic, I wanted to pull the appropriate fuse so the battery doesn't go dead overnight. I found the fuse box. I've just solved the fuse box cover problem that I asked and your guy couldn't answer. Now I'm following the fuse box diagram, and pulling tail light fuses. I'm puzzled. One at a time, I've pulled every fuse that says tail lights and the tail lights are still on. Do I have to pull them all out at the same time? I've been pulling them out one at a time and replacing them when I see that the tail lights are still on. I suppose an alternate solution is to pull one of the battery terminals and reattach it in the morning. Pulling the right fuse and putting it back in the morning seems like a better idea, and it would be very useful information for future fuse problems. So far none of you guys have replied. Am I ever going to get some help? I'm certainly not a satisfied customer. In the meanwhile, the battery gets steadily weaker.

NICE GOING GUYS! My battery is now dead. I will have to have the car towed in the morning or get the battery jumped. Just Answer was completely useless. I'm going to Pay Pal and cancel my payment.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Acura