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acramstr, ASE Master Tech
Category: Acura
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Experience:  ASE master tech ,CA smog, ASE L1
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Legend: I have a 1994 acura legend. Periodically the

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I have a 1994 acura legend. Periodically the cruise control kicks out, the speedometer drops to zero, and the green indicator light on the D4 position starts to flash. The car continues to run normally, and when i turn off the cruise control and turn it back on, I can reset the cruise control function.

When the problem occurs, I notice the speedometer stays at zero mph, then bounced up and down, then finally registers speed properly.

I got an estimate which gives a couple strings of numbers/letters, as follows:

1-0HOZ and 104 CPH.

Don xxxx,[email protected]

HiCustomer welcome. I'm Steve. And I will be assisting you today. you need a speed sensor kit. Acura makes a rebuild kit for the sensor the part number is


there is a service bulletin that explains how to replace it
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Steve, thanks. Do you know about how much I can expect to pay for the rebuild kit, where I can get one, and about how long it would take a service tech to do the job?


Also, is there a warranty on the rebuild kit?


Thanks, Don

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
I am getting a message that my expert is off line or answering another question - but I am still waiting for an answer to a follow up question. I suspect the system terminated my conversation with my expert because I was charged an additional $10.00.

I want my follow up question answered asap!

Sorry for the delay. The part cost about $135.00 labor should be about 125.00 in most shops. The warranty for this is long expired but the part comes with a 1 year warranty. We don't see many repeat problems' on these after we rebuild the sensor.

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