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TL: I too was just told my oil pump is leaking, but havent

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I too was just told my oil pump is leaking, but haven't seen any oil on the ground. They claim it has blown back and I wouldn't see any. Also, they made this diagnosis when I took the car in for a simple oil change. My 2005 TL has 82,000 miles on it. No oil light has come on ever. I am hesitant to get this done (dealership) as they are quoting $1400 and there was never any sign it was needed. What do you think?

If the oil light is not coming on, no having to add oil in between oil changes, no oil on the ground, no clacking or knocking noise, it is very likely that there is no leak and no reason to replace the oil pump.

If you can, jack the car up on one side and use a flashlight to look along the underside of vehicle for oil. If none found, I see no reason to replace the pump.

If you do see some, then have another shop inspect it to see if it is the oil pump, the cam or crank seal, or oil pan gasket.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I was quite skeptical too. So, I think I will get a second opinion and not give them the go ahead at this time. I noticed on an older post the expert suggested it would take about an hour and a half to locate this problem and they did not have my car in the shop that long to make such a determination. I will have my husband jack up the car and we will check it out with a flashlight for any oil on the underside of the vehicle.

$1400 sure seems like an awful lot. What is a typical cam, crank seal or oil pan gasket repair cost?


Oil pan gasket is about $240 parts and labor

Cam or crank seal will be about $560 parts and labor as the timing belt has to come off for either

worst case if its the oil pump, it should be about $710 parts and labor. 5.9 hours labor and $140 for the part
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