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How and from where to where does the airbag on the front passenger

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How and from where to where does the airbag on the front passenger side deploy? We have several long cracks in the dashboard above the glove compartment that form the outline of a rectangle (with multiple diagonal cracks across the rectangle) centered on the passenger seat about 7 inches wide and that run continuously from the windshield almost all the way to the top of the glove compartment. We are concerned that this will affect the airbag deployment or cause dashboard pieces to fly toward the occupants should the airbag be deployed. Is there a video available on-line that depicts the airbag deployment in sufficient detail to clarify this for us? If so, URL, please. All we have gotten from the local Acura service department is "It's not a problem" (but this was before the cracks got so extensive). There appears to be little left keeping the whole section from just falling out.
Hello and thank you for your question.

The air bad on the passenger side has a plastic cover over the top of it and this is not tied to any other part of the dash. If the air bag was to deploy, it would only blow the cover off. The cracks in the dash are not and issue as the Service department has explained. The only part that dashboard piece that will fly out is the cover which is suppose to happen See the diagram HERE to see how the air bag module sets and the cover over it.
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