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acura RL: 2001 acura RL 3.5 I just bought this car.both the

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2001 acura RL 3.5 I just bought this car.both the abs/vsa lites are on. I scanned using my mt2500,and got a list a mile long.checked all fuses I could find all OK. Is anyone fimilar with these systems?

Hello and welcome to,


Could you please give me all the codes that you got from the system?


Have you tried to clear them and see which ones come back?


Is the check engine light on also?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I scanned about a week ago,but don't know where I put them. I do remember it said all wheel sensors.and a lot of other things. It made me think pump is not getting electric,and usually that points to something fairly simple.I will rescan and send to you.

ok that will be fine. Keep in mind also a car with a lot of codes stored could also be a sign of a weak battery. If you have had recent battery issues false codes may set due to low system voltage.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello again, Appearently I am no where with this problem. I tryed to rescan to give you the codes,and while a long list of codes come up,The scanner now tells me I need to jump something under glove box to read codes. [i am not familiar with this] and no the check engine lite is not on.It is raining here so I can not disconect battery at this time. If you want to wait til i can get to it,thats OK. If you can think of something else I can try at this time let me know. Thank you

if a long list comes up can you copy them down?


depending on your scan tool you shouldn't have to jump any connectors to get the codes but i will double check that.


i will wait as long as I have to get the codes


just a thought though usually Acuras don't throw a lot of codes at the same time unless it is battery or communication related.


If the battery is or was weak it is possible to throw many false codes.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Since I have had this car,I have had no battery problems.It came from Fla.I'm in WV.So I don't know history.Would you suggest a battery disconect. Or erase codes with scanner? Also do you know battery codes? It has an Acura battery in it,hardly seams possible after 12 years.

OK now how do I give you get you credit? I'm not to familar with procedures. Thank you Tom

It is possible they might have been some weak battery issues in the past that may have caused the codes to set. Disconnecting the battery will probably not clear the codes. There aren't any specific "battery" codes that set. Usually the fact that there are a lot of codes, with communication lost type codes points to a possible weak battery.


It is more likely that the other owner replaced the battery with another Acura battery. To get 12 years out of a original battery is unheard of.


My suggestion is you use your scanner to erase all the codes. See if any codes come back immediately or after a short time. These will be the codes you need to concentrate on.


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Well thanks for replying again. I'll try your suggestions... Right now I removed the trans, I bought car knowing it had bad flexplate [cracked] .So I am now changing it out.

Shall we close out for now than I can recontact you after I get it done.

you can close it out if you want, but the question will only stay open for a couple of days.

there is no pressure from me, close the question when you feel necessary. Thanks