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tl: have a 2005 acura tl automatic new water pump from dealer.

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have a 2005 acura tl automatic new water pump from dealer. i bought the car last year in july. l notice this week the car was in idle i was in front of the car i smelled coolant i lifted the hood coolant overflow cap was cracked. i bought a complete overflow tank. 2 days later cap was cracked . car doesn't over heat no coolant in oil or oil in coolant. seems when the car idles for to long car sends coolant to over flow tank and cracks the cap also replaced rad cap. heating system works well. top and bottom hose both hot and full of pressure.

this is cause by excess pressure buildup, which can be from restricted radiator, collapsed up, or headgasket leak - each needs to be properly tested
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

when i bought the car it had green coolant . i drained the coolant from rad and added the honda blue was this bad to mix .


It can gum up and cause a restriction in the heater core, the radiator or the pump. I would start with a machine flush to remove all the mix and then put in correct fluid and see if there is still pressure build up
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

okay well just to give you more info the car runs fine no misfire not losing any coolant the coolant seems very clean and clear. i dont see any thing floating in the rad i dont smell coolant from the exhaust. When i bought the the car last year the coolant cap was cracked already. car never overheated at all. any other thing i can test or do thk you


Check with the engine idling and at temperature for the engine fans working, check that no radiator hose is collapsing in the center when idling.

Again, I would have a machine flush done at this point and go from there
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